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A lovely fan sent me this photo of herself with my book on Joan's star in Grauman's Chinese Theater.

“If Joan Crawford was the ultimate star, than Donna Nowak is the ultimate fan.  She appreciates this complex subject for her skill as an actress, her importance as a pop culture icon, as well as displaying a fine sense of humor for Crawford's more lurid notoriety.  Nowak has a fervor, devotion, and attention to detail that even the fastidious Crawford would cheer." -- Charles Busch 
“Intelligent, insightful witty, Donna Nowak’s essays and reviews on the style, work and life of Joan Crawford would have compelled the Ultimate Star to officially adopt her as the devoted creative daughter she always longed for.” -- Shaun Considine, author of Bette and Joan:  The Divine Feud
"If you love Joan, you'll love this book!" -- Terry Castle, daughter of William Castle (director, Strait-Jacket. I Saw What You Did; producer, Rosemary's Baby) 
"None of the data [within Just Joan] has ever been so voluminously collected, archived and organized with such meticulous precision and care.  That's what makes Nowak's book so essential:  it is an encyclopedia and companion that is intensely rich with literary details.  This is not another biography of Joan Crawford, this is the bible according to Joan Crawford . . . [A] near perfect work." -- Daeida Magazine
"I love your book - read it from cover to cover." - Hedda Lettuce

Peter Joseph Swanson interviews me for GATHER!

Director William Castle's lovely daughter Terry gives JUST JOAN a plug in her blog!

Interview with me re JUST JOAN in Salon by Annie Stone

Richard Skipper interviews me and celebrates JUST JOAN: A JOAN CRAWFORD APPRECIATION.

Hedda Lettuce plugs our interview and book signing reception at the Chelsea Clearview in her blog!

Book Signing at the Chelsea Clearview in New York City

Book signing photos found at above link, folks!  Check 'em out!

Polish fan holding my book. Love the nail polish.

JUST JOAN was part of a three-day "Women in the Arts" festival in Palm Springs, California, and featured widely in the promotional materials! (Bless you, Michele Weiss and DeeJae Cox, founders of the Los Angeles Women's Theatre Project)  Palm Springs is where "The Damned Don't Cry" was filmed -- many scenes were shot at Frank Sinatra's home and our gal swims in his pool (doesn't Joan always get in a dip?)


On January 19, 2011, Anne Stone - yes, a different Anne Stone! -  of Movie Line International interviewed me on KUSF radio in San Francisco! The ad in Publisher's Weekly can be found here.

On March 11, 2011, I appeared on the Derek and Romaine show-- co-hosted by our own Hedda Lettuce -- and I was talking about -- you guessed it - Just Joan and our gal.  The station was Sirius 109 and XM 98 and my spot aired 8pm EST.  They had call-ins from across the country to ask questions!

Book signing at the Stonewall Inn in June, 2011, where Bonnie Dunn, a phenomenal jazz singer, and Gerry Caban, Fosse dancer, performed.

On May 20, 2012, I was interviewed by Sonny Starr re JUST JOAN on STARR TALK and it was broadcast at 9:05 PM Pacific.  Their guest star was the legendary Gary Puckette, lead singer of the Union Gap.  My interview was on segement 3 of the program.  It aired over their flagship station KKNX on the West Coast, the worldwide over the Omni Media Networks, and SRN.

On June 25, 2012, I was interviewed by the legendary Joe Franklin, a New York institution, a man who has had everyone who's anyone and plenty of up-and-comers on his show (including Barbra Streisand, Woody Allen, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., etc.)  I was very excited to be on the Joe Franklin Show.  He's a true icon, the "King of Nostalgia."
On December 27, 2013, I appeared on "California Woman 411" (KPTR-AM) with hostess DeeJae Cox in Palm Springs, California.   
On March 21, 2014 (yes, close to Joan's birthday!), I will be interviewed on Yesterday USA Radio Networks by Walden Hughes, a radio program that runs out of Texas! 

This sweet fan who writes the delightful blog I'M NOT PATTY is a huge advocate of my book (bless you, Rob!)

Who else is reading JUST JOAN?  Leonard Maltin, Robert Osborne, Jeanine Basinger (who was "thrilled" about JUST JOAN), Janis Ian, to name a few -- and hopefully you!

My glowing review in Daeida Magazine of Hollywood: