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Master List of Films with Selected Stats
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"Joan Crawford was one of the people that made Hollywood the place that touched the imagination of the world." -- George Cukor 
As "Letty Lynton"


Scroll below for film statistics and thirteen "behind-the-scene" photos.

MGM Films

Lady of the Night (1925); Pretty Ladies (1925); Old Clothes (1925); The Only Thing (1925); Sally, Irene and Mary (1925); Paris (1926); The Boob (1926); Winners of the Wilderness (1927); The Taxi Dancer (1927); The Understanding Heart (1927); The Unknown (1927); Twelve Miles Out (1927); Spring Fever (1927); West Point (1928); The Law of the Range (1928); Rose-Marie (1928); Across to Singapore (1928); Four Walls (1928); Our Dancing Daughters (1928); Dream of Love (1928); The Duke Steps Out (1929); Hollywood Revue of 1929 (1929); Our Modern Maidens (1929); Untamed (1929); Montana Moon (1930); Our Blushing Brides (1930); Paid (1930); Dance, Fools Dance (1930); Laughing Sinners (1931); This Modern Age (1931); Possessed (1931); Grand Hotel (1932); Letty Lynton (1932); Today We Live (1933); Dancing Lady (1933); Sadie McKee (1934); Chained (1934); Forsaking All Others (1934); No More Ladies (1935); I Live My Life (1935); The Gorgeous Hussy (1936); Love on the Run (1936); The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1937); The Bride Wore Red (1937); Mannequin (1938); The Shining Hour (1938); Ice Follies of 1939 (1939); The Women (1939); Strange Cargo (1940); Susan and God (1940); A Woman's Face (1941); When Ladies Meet (1941); Reunion in France (1942); Above Suspicion (1943); Torch Song (1953)


Costumes/Wardrobe:  All films listed above featured costumes by Adrian with the following exceptions (designer listed in bold):  Andre-ani:  The Taxi Dancer; The Understanding Heart.  Gilbert Clark:  West Point.  Lucia Coulter:  Winners of the Wilderness; The Unknown; The Law of the Range.  David Cox:  Spring Fever; Rose-Marie; Across to Singapore; Four Walls; Our Dancing Daughters; The Duke Steps Out; Hollywood Revue of 1929.  Erte:  Sally, Irene and Mary; Paris; Hollywood Revue of 1929.  Irene:  Reunion in France.  Rene Hubert: Twelve Miles Out.  David Mir:  The Only Thing.  Helen Rose:  Torch Song.  Gile Steele:  Above Suspicion.  Unspecified:  Lady of the Night; Pretty Ladies; Old Clothes; The Boob.    


Director:  Dorothy Azner:  The Bride Wore Red.  Harry Beaumont:  Broadway Melody of 1929; Dance Fools Dance; Laughing Sinners; Our Blushing Brides; Our Dancing Daughters.  Monta Bell:  Lady of the Night; Pretty Ladies.  Richard Boleslawski:  The Last of Mrs. Cheyney.  Frank Borzage:  Mannequin; Shining Hour; Strange Cargo.  Clarence Brown:  Chained; The Gorgeous Hussy; Letty Lynton; Possessed; Sadie McKee.  Tod Browning:  The Unknown.  Eddie Cline:  Old Clothes.  Jack Conway:  The Only Thing; Our Modern Maidens; Twelve Miles Out; Understanding Heart; Untamed.  James Cruze:  The Duke Steps Out.  George Cukor:  No More Ladies; Susan and God; A Woman's Face; The Women.  Jules Dassin:  Reunion in France.  Edmund Goulding:  Grand Hotel; Paris; Sally, Irene and Mary.  Edward H. Griffith:  No More Ladies.  Nicholas Grinde:  This Modern Age.  Howard Hawks:  Today We Live.  Lucien Hubbard:  Rose-Marie.  Robert Z. Leonard and Orville O. Dull:  When Ladies Meet.  Harry Millarde:  The Taxi Dancer.  Fred Niblo:  Dream of Love.  William Nigh:  Across to Singapore; Four Walls; Law of the Range.  Charles Reisner:  Hollywood Revue of 1929.  Reinhold Schunzel:  Ice Follies of 1939.  Edward Sedgwick:  Spring Fever; West Point.  Malcolm St. Clair:  Montana Moon.  Richard Thorpe:  Above Suspicion.  W.S. Van Dyke:  Forsaking All Others; I Live My Life; Love on the Run; Winners of the Wilderness.  Charles Walters:  Torch Song.  William A. Wellman:  The Boob.  Sam Wood:  Paid. 


Producer:  Harry Beaumont:  Our Blushing Brides.  Henry Berman:  Torch Song.  Paul Bern:  Grand Hotel.  Frank Borzage:  Mannequin; The Shining Hour; Strange Cargo.  Clarence Brown:  Chained; The Gorgeous Hussy; Possessed (1931).  Jack Conway:  Our Modern Maidens.  Jackie Coogan Sr.:  Old Clothes.  William Cowan:  Law of the Range.  James Cruze:  The Duke Steps Out.  Orville O. Dull:  When Ladies Meet.  Sidney Franklin:  Torch Song.  Leon Gordon:  Above Suspicion.  Edward Griffith:  No More Ladies.  Howard Hawks:  Today We Live.  Bernard H. Hyman:  Forsaking All Others; I Live My Life.  Harry Langdon:  Tramp, Tramp, Tramp.  Robert Z. Leonard:  When Ladies Meet.  Joseph Mankiewicz:  The Bride Wore Red; The Gorgeous Hussy; Love on the Run; Mannequin; Reunion in France; The Shining Hour; Strange Cargo. William Nigh:  Across to Singapore.  Harry Rapf:  Ice Follies of 1939; Possessed (1931).  Malcolm St. Clair:  Montana Moon.  Victor Saville:  Above Suspicion; A Woman’s Face.  David O. Selznick:  Dancing Lady.  Hunt Stromberg:  Chained; Letty Lynton; Our Dancing Daughters; Our Modern Maidens; Susan and God; The Women.  Irving Thalberg:  Grand Hotel; Hollywood Revue of 1929; Letty Lynton; No More Ladies; Possessed (1931); Twelve Miles Out.  W.S. Van Dyke:  Love on the Run.  Lawrence Weingarten:  The Last of Mrs. Cheyney; Sadie McKee.  Sam Wood:  Paid.

First National

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (1926)

Director:  Harry Edwards

United Artists
Rain (1932); The Caretakers (1963)
Costumes/Wardrobe:  Moss Mabry:  The Caretakers.  Unspecified:  Rain.
Director and Producer:  Hall Bartlett:  The Caretakers.  Lewis Milestone:  Rain.
Producer:  Joseph M. Schenck:  Rain.

They All Kissed the Bride (1942); Harriet Craig (1950); Queen Bee (1955); Autumn Leaves (1956); The Story of Esther Costello (1957); Strait-Jacket (1964); Berserk (1968)


Costumes/Wardrobe:  Irene:  They All Kissed the Bride; Berserk; Jean Louis:  Queen Bee; Autumn Leaves; The Story of Esther Costello;  Sheila O'Brien:  Harriet Craig; Jay Hutchinson Scott:  Berserk; Unspecified:  Strait-Jacket. 


Director:  Robert Aldrich:  Autumn Leaves.  William Castle:  Strait-Jacket.  Alexander Hall:  They All Kissed the Bride.    Ranald MacDougall:  Queen Bee.  David Miller:  The Story of Esther Costello.  Jim O'Connolly:  Berserk.  Vincent Sherman:  Harriet Craig.


Producer:  William Castle:  Strait-Jacket.  Herman Cohen:  Berserk.  William Dozier:  Harriet Craig.  William Goetz:  Autumn Leaves.  Edward Kaufman:  They All Kissed the Bride.  David Miller:  The Story of Esther Costello.  Jerry Wald:  Queen Bee.

Warner Brothers

Hollywood Canteen (1944); Mildred Pierce (1945); Humoresque (1946); Possessed (1947); Flamingo Road (1949); It's a Great Feeling (1949); The Damned Don't Cry (1950); Goodbye, My Fancy (1951); This Woman is Dangerous (1952); Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (1962); Trog (1970)


Costumes/Wardrobe:  Adrian:  Humoresque; Possessed.  Milo Anderson:  Hollywood Canteen; Mildred Pierce.  Sheila O’Brien:  Flamingo Road; The Damned Don't Cry; Goodbye, My Fancy; This Woman is Dangerous; Unspecified:  Whatever Happened to Baby Jane; Trog.  


Director:  Robert Aldrich:  Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.  David Butler:  It's a Great Feeling.  Michael Curtiz:  Flamingo Road; Mildred Pierce.  Delmer Daves:  Hollywood Canteen.  Felix Feist:  This Woman is Dangerous.  Freddie Francis:  Trog.  Curtis Hernhardt:  Possessed.  Jean Nugelesco:  Humoresque.  Vincent Sherman:  The Damned Don't Cry; Goodbye, My Fancy.


Producer:  Robert Aldrich:  Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.  Henry Blanke:  Goodbye My Fancy.  Herman Cohen:  Trog.  Alex Gottlieb:  Hollywood Canteen; It's a Great Feeling.  Robert Sisk:  This Woman is Dangerous.  Jerry Wald:  The Damned Don't Cry; Flamingo Road; Humoresque; Mildred Pierce; Possessed.  Jack Warner:  Hollywood Canteen. 

20th Century
Daisy Kenyon (1947)
Costumes/Wardrobe:  Charles LeMaire
Director and Producer:  Otto Preminger
Sudden Fear (1952)
Costumes/Wardrobe:  Sheila O'Brien (Howard Greer - lingerie)
Director:  David Miller
Producer:  Joseph Kaufman
Johnny Guitar (1954)
Costumes/Wardrobe:  Sheila O'Brien
Director:  Nicholas Ray
Producer:  Herbert J. Yates
Female on the Beach (1955)
Costumes/Wardrobe:  Sheila O'Brien
Director:  Joseph Pevney
Producer:  Albert Zugsmith
20th Century-Fox
The Best of Everything (1959)
Costumes/Wardrobe:  Adele Palmer
Director:  Jean Nugelesco
Producer:  Jerry Wald
I Saw What You Did (1965)
Director and Producer:  William Castle

On set of "Mildred Pierce" in my favorite shoes! With Jack Warner.

Clowning during silent film "Rosemarie"

Looking over costumes for "Ice Follies of 1939"


Rehearsing "Torch Song"

Photo (above) autographed to songwriter Jack Lawrence reads:


"Jack, love your song!  Learning to dance to it for the film.  Love Joan."


With dog on "Torch Song" set

On the "Harriet Craig" set with Vincent Sherman

Shooting "Forsaking All Others"- Crawford in white being hugged by Gable.

Filming one of my favorites "The Bride Wore Red."

Making up in 1928
During "The Best of Everything" filming

Set of "Rain"

With her dogs and Jeff Chandler on "Female on the Beach"