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Links I Like

Below are a few of the many sites I enjoy.  Sorry I can't list them all. 


Donna Marie Nowak, Author and Cartoonist

Just started this new page which will focus on my published work including books, short stories, articles, cartooning and radio.  It's a work in progress at the moment, so stay tuned!

Tales of New York City Tours - my New York City walking tours

Yes, folks, I'm also a licensed New York City sightseeing guide and conduct wonderful, detailed walking tours through favorite neighborhoods.  I love history and story telling, so all my tours include the full gamut of architecture, historical detail, scandal, tales of the famous and infamous, and even ghosts.  I aim to entertain.  Check 'em out!  I love big groups!  And bring your comfortable shoes!


Legendary Joan Crawford site

Another wonderful Joan site with an enthusiastic webmaster!  Lots of large photos and a column by Joan's grandson Casey LaLonda!  Webmaster Neil Maciejewski is an avid Joan collector and has amassed an amazing collection of Joan memorabilia, photos included.  He and his photos have also been featured on some Joan DVD extras with more Joan-related publicity to come.  Neil has also managed to meet Betty Barker, Crawford's devoted secretary of many years, and Cliff Robertson, among others!  Bravo, Neil! 

I'm Not Patty

This divine blog is about all things Joan!  All Joan all the time!  And guess what?  The darling even reviews Just Joan, my Joan opus!  (And what Joan blogspot wouldn't?)  An absolute delight and one of my favorite blogs on the web!

The Land of Crawford/All Things Crawford

This eclectic, ambitious and fascinating new site from Ed Guinea indeed catalogues all things Crawford, compiling material from a variety of sources to allow us to examine Joan as a star, woman, executive, mother, etc.  Lots of fabulous photos and videos, too!  (Could a Crawford fan ask for more?)  A very broad and diverse perspective and Ed also recounts his own wonderful experience meeting the star firsthand (and corresponding with her!)  (Joan doesn’t disappoint one iota – did you think she would?)

Peter Swanson's Joan comics

This brings you to the fabulous Peter Swanson's "Joan" comics!  The way he nails Joan's expression (and hats) is priceless!  These comics originally appeared in "Outlands Magazine" under "Fun and Games."  See Joan in all her red-smear-lipsticked glory!  (Check out the sample strip below!) 


Not only does Peter Swanson do fab cartoons, but he also creates fab Joan-inspired art!  Check it out!  He's the Andy Warhol of Joan World!  Yeah, baby, yeah!

Queen of Camp: Joan Crawford

This has to be one of my favorite Joan Crawford websites – showcasing the outsized, campy side of Joan (and we all know how Joan Joan could be)!  Hilarious pages include “Phony Joan” (Joan “doing phone” as only Joan can); “Joan Sells Her Soul” (Joan hawking products in ads); and “Don’t F*** With Me, Fellas” (featuring Joan’s “If Looks Could Kill” expressions), among others.  Don’t miss the fab Technicolor gallery and the gallery of Joan’s Camp Classics with sound bites!  A delight!


The Avengers Forever

The ultimate "Avengers" site dedicated to the classic British television show of the sixties run by a gentleman not too far removed from John Steed.

Bette Davis Online

Fan JJ has created this dynamite and comprehensive website devoted to Joan Crawford's most infamous and legendary co-star, Miss Bette Davis.  For those fans of both powerhouses (JJ is a Joan fan, too!), check out this uber-attractive site that tells you All About Bette.  (We won't tell Joan you're looking!  She knows you love her!)

Charles Busch's Official Site

No mere drag queen, this gifted actor/playwright lovingly channels the spirits of Joan, Bette, Lana, Marilyn and other Great Ladies with enormous wit and has brought back sheer joy and inspired silliness to stage and screen.  There’s no one like him and I, for one, thank God for him.  His facial expressions alone are spot on and hilarious.  Viva the diva Busch!    

Classic Crawford and Davis DVDs

This wonderful site offers a comprehensive list of Joan Crawford and Bette Davis titles in DVD format at a reasonable price, including many rare films and television appearances!  It was a God send to me for improving my own Joan collection and I have no regrets!  Quality at bargain rates.  Highly recommended. 

Classic Movie Favorites (Joan Crawford Page)

Lynn's wonderful site is devoted to many classic film stars of the Golden Age, including our gal, Joan Crawford!  Each star has a personal page, neatly arranged, with photo galleries, bios, wallpaper, a synopsis and review of each of his or her films, a guestbook and more!  Click on the link above to see the fab Crawford pages. 

Doctor Macro's High Quality Movie Scan

Gorgeous, high resolution photographs of many of the glorious and glamorous from Golden Age Hollywood!  Many Crawford scans included!

Dynasty Official Site for the Carringtons of Denver

Oh, behave!  This delicious site gives detailed devotion to that ultra-fab nighttime soap, “Dynasty,” a “trashy masterpiece” of, as the site sums it up, “dirty business deals, hair-pulling catfights and shoulderpads” starring another divine “Joan C.” – Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter Rowan!  As escapist dishes, there are few more satisfying (except for a Crawford film, of course)!  Joan Crawford would’ve been perfect in such a show or deliriously addicted to it.  The great lines behoove both saucy Joans!  Thank you, Joan Collins, for Alexis

The Greatest Stars of American Film History

Mike O’Hanlon just created this beautiful new site dedicated to the classic stars of Hollywood.  His choices for the two greatest stars are Marlon Brando and – you guessed it – our own Joan – who else?  No Crawford fan would quibble with this!  The site features a great array of stars, something for everyone! 

Hell in a Handbag Productions

Inventive, fun-filled theater productions in the tradition of Charles Busch with fascinating twists!  What's not to love?  (Webmaster David Cerda is also a Joan fan!  What else?)

Joan rocks -- literally!  Check out the fab new rock band, The Joans, fronted by "Hell in a Handbag Productions"/Joan fan David Cerda!  Joan could use a mosh pit!

The Johnny Guitar Society

“Johnny Guitar” enjoys a cult following with famed directors Martin Scorsese and Francois Truffaut among its fans.  This page is a Society devoted to Johnny Guitar appreciation.  It includes a lot of fascinating material, including sound clips, film frames, film promotion, documents, projects, news and more.  Many people extol the genius of “Johnny Guitar.”  Joan Crawford’s opinion is included on the site:  “I should have had my head examined.  No excuse for a picture being this bad or for me making it.”

Kay Francis' Life and Career

Mike O'Hanlon has created this wonderful blog dedicated to one of Golden Age Hollywood's most fascinating (and elegant) actresses - Kay Francis.  O'Hanlon has spent many years researching the oh-so-sophisticated beauty and discovered that, while she was intensely private, she also kept a scandalous diary!  Francis is one of my own alltime favorites, a delight in so many pre-code films, and a detailed tribute is long over due!  Check it out!

Old Time Radio Catalog

This is a fantastic site for those interested in Joan Crawford on the radio and oldtime radio (one of my own passions)!  Favorite old time radio shows are available on MP3 CD or Audio Disk.  As the kindly webmaster tells us, thousands of episodes are available and it is possible to listen to samples online of each series.  Best of all, there is the “Joan Crawford Collection” (did you think there wouldn’t be?)  Our gal is rightfully heralded as “the epitome of Hollywood glamour and prestige."  Check out “The First Queen of the Movies” on such programs as Suspense, Stars Over Hollywood, Screen Directors Playhouse, and more!

Silents are Golden: Our Dancing Daughters page

This page on a site devoted to silent films looks at “Our Dancing Daughters,” the film that shot Joan Crawford to stardom, representative of the Jazz Age.  It includes reviews, photos, commentary, and other goodies about those “bright young things with a talent for living.”

Any Joan Crawford fan can only be grateful (“Bless you, Turner Classic Movies!”) to Turner Classic Movies for (a) keeping the interest in wonderful, classic films alive and (b) running so many Joan Crawford films and tributes frequently and giving this wonderful star her just due as a legend.  Shine on, Turner Classic Movies!  Shine on, Joan!  The film capsules are full of information, backstage history and wit, too.  Bless you!!

This comic appears with permission of artist...
... Peter Swanson. Bless you, Peter!