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Thanks a million to Norberto Valle, Jr. for the gorgeous photos!


Me with the divine Hedda Lettuce at my book signing at the Chelsea Clearview "where all your dreams come true!"


Onstage with Hedda who quipped that I should be careful exiting the stage, because they don't have insurance (who does?)!



Hedda is handed the bowl where audience members can win "valuable prizes" and I - as guest of honor - get to pick the lucky winners!


Signing books for the fans!




It's hard to see over the lights!  Hedda was a wonderful interviewer -- really "got" my book and asked great questions to bring it out!


Meeting the fans!




These two guys, Robert and John, are both writers (a writing duo, no less!) with lots of theatre/book credits.  I met them at the William Castle film festival and they came to my event!  We're definitely planning to have lunch; I have one of their books at home!  I'm branching off into the theatre myself these days!  Maybe I'll resurrect MGM!  What would Joan do?


Here we are with La Lettuce!


My friends Bonnie, Karen, a fan, Hedda and I.  I was carrying around a donught which I never ate!  Hedda was kind enough to bring it to me!



Karen took this cute photo of Bonnie and I with her i-phone.


On the right with Hedda (whose grandmother is Bedda Lettuce) is Norberto who took these wonderful photos!


Hedda with a fan.  Isn't Hedda gorgeous?  And look at that cleavage!  What's her secret?  (Must eat all her greens!)


The lovely display case at the reception that showcased my book -- and some representative donughts!



Here's a panorama of the whole set up.  It was very nicely done!  Thanks, everyone at the Chelsea Clearview!  Thanks, Hedda, Scott, Cole, Vinny!  Yep, one of my dreams did come true (my Joan Crawford book) -- and the germ for it began at the Chelsea Clearview with "They All Kissed the Bride"!