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Our dancing daughter Joan Crawford - doing the Charleston

Don't forget, kids, please e-mail me for an autographed copy of Just Joan.  Also feel free to inquire about Joan items for sale!  Don't miss out on some fab and unique Crawford collectibles!  Thanks for your continued support! 

Be sure to visit my JUST JOAN on Facebook and hit "Like!"


September 29, 2014

I am now selling Joan Crawford items from my collection, including tapes, dvds, magazines and other items.  Please inquire for full list and see link! 

March 10, 2014 

I wanted to add a link to my radio interview with the fabulous DeeJae Cox of California Woman in Palm Springs, which I did after Christmas. It can be found here at California Woman.  I'm the second interview.  As it turns out, I just got an e-mail from Yesterday USA Radio Networks to appear as a guest on their show and talk about my book!  At the same time, I was contacted regarding doing lectures on the college circuit regarding Just Joan!  Joan and I are over the moon!  Anyway, listen and enjoy!  Meanwhile, I continue writing my mystery series starring my indomitable amateur sleuth, Miss Iodine Bell!

December 3, 2013

Happy holidays!  Well, I've been busy with my new mystery series.  However, don't think I've hung up my ankle strap shoes, cats and kittens! 

I am doing a radio interview for JUST JOAN:  A JOAN CRAWFORD APPRECIATION out of sunny California just in time for Christmas.  Tune in to California Woman 411 this Saturday at 10 AM, December 7th! On  I will provide a link when possible, but meanwhile, you can tune into the station to hear the show!  My hostess is DeeJae Cox.

July 20, 2013

Love this photo of Joan, which came from a larger photo.  I am working on my mystery series, but will post here occasionally with special photos or events related to JUST JOAN. 

I just adore this screen cap from Crawford's home movies.
March 23, 2013

Happy birthday
to my beloved Joan Crawford!

March 2, 2013

Just wanted to post a link to my werewolf story in Bewildering Stories.  There is a rash of livestock killings in the Shropshire countryside, which some are blaming on the rumored existence of alien big cats.  But when a group of young people is slaughtered and Inspector Oglethorpe is called in to investigate, all indications point to a werewolf.  But is it a werewolf or a hoax?  Read all three parts and find out.

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

January 5, 2013

Happy new year! Just want to post some photos of Just Joan on the shelves of St. Mark's Bookshop in NYC! Yahoo!  My baby is in good company with bios of Myrna Loy, Hedy Lamar, etc.

Close-up of my book
Long shot of my book at St. Mark's

November 27, 2012

This week my radio show SPARKY GOES TO DORIS DAY'S HOTEL airs with Shoestring Radio Theatre in San Francisco.  A link is provided below.  A copy of the show is being sent to Doris Day, to whom it is dedicated.  As Joan put it, "Who would believe I would have Doris Day for a sister?"  Honey, she's a sistah!  SPARKY stars my interpid amateur sleuth, Miss Iodine Bell, who celebrates her adoption of a poodle, Sparky Bell, from an animal shelter by going to the Cypress Inn, co-owned by Doris!  Miss Bell will be appearing in an upcoming mystery series!  Stay tuned, folks! 

Listen in at this link which will be active only for a FEW MORE DAYS:  Sparky Goes to Doris Day's Hotel (radio)

Click on "Shoestring Radio Theatre" and "Listen in MP3."  Once again, the phenomenal cast of Shoestring Radio Theatre has done Miss Bell (and me) proud!  Frannie Germeshausen, who has been playing Miss Bell for several years now, IS Miss Bell and the cast reminds me of those fabulously fun character actors from the 30's and 40's.  Enjoy!

October 7, 2012

The fabulous St. Mark's Bookstore
in NYC is now carrying JUST JOAN!  They are autographed copies, kids, so be sure to run, don't walk, and get your copy!  Please support your independent bookstores!  They're a dying breed and they really are what make any community special.  St. Mark's is mentioned in JUST JOAN, since a big poster of Joan Crawford hangs in the back.

October 2, 2012

I am excited to report that my radio show SPARKY GOES TO DORIS DAY'S HOTEL (adaped from my short story of the same name) will be produced and broadcast by the fabulous Shoestring Radio Theatre in San Francisco on November 21.  Anne Stone is directing.  Hooray!  A link will be provided.  Joan has her dial set.  So should you!

August 28, 2012

Here is a link to a series of fascinating interview tapes of gossip columnist Shirley Eder, Barbara Stanwyck and Joan Crawford. Anyway, it gives some insight into the backstabbing world of Hollywood when movie stars had a different relationship with the press than they do now. What I love is Shirley Eder assuring Stanwyck that Joan is "no Missy" -- all the while she is TAPING HER! Hooray for Hollywood!

July 2, 2012

Tomorrow is my interview with Joe Franklin! I'll post details later today. Also I am "Author of the Week" at BearManor Media.

Read interview here:

June 18, 2012

I am being interviewed by the legendary JOE FRANKLIN. Mr. Franklin (the "King of Nostalgia") has a long history in radio and television and is a New York institution, not to mention being one of the nicest men one could ever hope to meet! I will be on his show in one week, talking about -- you guessed it -- JUST JOAN and Miss Joan Crawford! Mr. Franklin has had Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. on his show who confided in him that Joan was a very sweet person and he was quite upset by daughter Christina's book which maligned her. He also met Joan and everyone else under the sun! He has an encyclopedic knowledge of music, Broadway stage shows, films and stars of the first half of the 20th Century, and is an acknowledged authority on silent film. He's appeared in countless films as himself, including Ghostbusters and Broadway Danny Rose. In any case, I'm so excited to be on the JOE FRANKLIN SHOW. I had a blast talking with Sonny Starr and look forward to this new interview with a true icon and treasure! All Joan. All the time. Just Joan.

May 15, 2012

My interview with Sonny Star re JUST JOAN and the Ultimate Star Miss Joan Crawford will air this Sunday evening 5/20/12 at 9:05 PM Pacific. Their guest will be the legendary Gary Puckett, Lead singer of the Union Gap. My interview will be in segment 3 of the program. It will air over their flagship station KKNX on the west coast, the net: worldwide over the Omni Media Networks, and SRN.

Stay tuned, Joan-fans! Don't forget to listen in! Bless you!

May 6, 2012

On Monday, I am being interviewed re JUST JOAN for Sonny Starr's terrific radio programme at Sun Star Studios, "Starr Talk," which airs every Sunday at 9 p.m. on CBS affiliate radio station KKNX, worldwide on the Internet ( and over the international OMNI Media network. He had also done a Joan Crawford appreciation on this station, in which he interviewed Betsy Palmer. Stay tuned! I will also post the air date as soon as I know it myself. Monday it is being taped! Yahoo!

February 29, 2012

Another announcement:  in April or May, I begin two courses here in NYC via the Learning Annex.  I'm very psyched.  One will be my walking tour of the West Village, my "Little Bohemia"/Greenwich Village tour which encompasses history, architecture, scandal, colorful characters and eccentrics, culture and much, much more.  You'll learn how and why Greenwich Village became the "center of artistic expression and bohemia" -- a very fun and fascinating two hours.  As some of you might know, in addition to my writing and cartooning, I am a licensed NYC sightseeing guide.

But, another, Joan-fans, is my wonderful course on Joan Crawford!  I got the idea of doing a Joan Crawford course after I took one on Alfred Hitchcock at the 92nd Street Y.  It was loads of fun and I adored the instructor, but he didn't say all that much about Hitchcock and I could only think about all I could say about Joan:  plenty!  Plus I have so much illustrational rare material.  Anyway, stay tuned for all details, but, in the meantime, here's a sneak preview of the course:



What Would Joan Do explains how and why Joan Crawford was one of the great movers and shakers of her time, empowering especially to women. Born in abject poverty and suffering a Dickensian childhood of abuse and neglect, she achieved against the odds, rising like a phoenix from the ashes repeatedly throughout her life and career. She began at MGM in its infancy and became a major box office star while still in silent films, her charisma a force even while she was young and gauche. She was photographed by the greatest photographers of her day, directed by the greatest directors, painted by some of the world's greatest artists, worked with some of the greatest writers of the 20th Century, and was indeed one of Hollywood's brightest stars and moneymakers. She embodied a resilient spirit, one who couldn't be kept down in life and on film. Diana Vreeland considered her one of the ultimate fashion icons and several cartoonists used her as inspiration for their characters in her heyday. Through film clips and lectures, "What Would Joan Do?" demonstrates why Crawford is still so vital and relevant and an inspiration especially to women and the gay community. "What Would Joan Do?" will give an understanding of her achievements, of that inner quality, magic and gift she had that explained why George Cukor called her "one of the people who made Hollywood the place that touched the imagination of the world."

Paragraph about myself:

Donna Marie Nowak is a freelance writer and cartoonist with over 100 publication credits, including three books. Her book, Just Joan: A Joan Crawford Appreciation, is a comprehensive look at Crawford's work, influence, life and image. Over 500 pages and lavishly illustrated with over 300 photos, Just Joan has been voted "Editor's Pick" by DAEIDA MAGAZINE in Hollywood. It has endorsements from Charles Busch and Shaun Considine (author of "Bette and Joan: The Divine Feud"), and has won accolades from such individuals as Jeanine Basinger, Terry Castle (daughter of William Castle who directed two Crawford films), Janis Ian, and many others. Just Joan bears testament to Crawford's enduring enigma and powerful star. Donna Marie Nowak is also an active member of Mystery Writers of America and, in addition to writing fiction and nonfiction, has also written mystery and thriller radio shows.

February 15, 2012

Tonight I saw "Mildred Pierce" at the Chelsea Clearview.  God, I love that film!  There was a fascinating, perceptive review about "Mildred Pierce" on IMBD which brought up a lot of the feminist angles that I find so delicious.  One of the things I'm very proud of about my book, JUST JOAN, is its feminist perspective, arising from both me and the source of my passion, Joan Crawford.  It has a feminist perspective, I suppose, without my even trying.  When I see a film like "Mildred Pierce," which is taught in so many female studies classes, it's easy to see why.  Joan Crawford embodied such a fascinating, gender duality -- she was a feminist of sorts out of necessity, but she always bended the gender rules while maintaining every inch of her femininity and glamour.  Here, in "Mildred Pierce," she's the powerhouse; all the men have something to gain financially from her.  She uses her wits and whatever raw material she has to succeed and she does it not for a man, but for another female -- her daughter Veda.  Ann Blyth is fantastic as Veda and the angles in which they shoot her are wonderful.  I'm sorry, but they just don't do that in films anymore.  Such a lot of artistry has gone by the wayside.  If I get around to it, I will post my new JUST JOAN postcards, but I'm a little swamped, so haven't been able to get onto this website much.  But I'm around, Joan-fans!  And I will post more! 

Meanwhile, on a completely different note, SPARKY GOES TO DORIS DAY'S HOTEL, the radio version, will be performed and broadcast by Shoestring Radio Theatre in the near future.  Turns out they sent me a contract back in October and I never got it!  Phew!  That's been turned around.  As you all know, Doris Day co-starred with Joan in IT'S A GREAT FEELING, notable for Joan fans because our gal is in COLOR in the 40's in it.  And looks beautiful.  As much as it's magnificent in black and white, I often wish HUMORESQUE had been filmed in color.  Wouldn't that be too much?  With Joan fans, you can never have enough. 

January 14, 2012

On a day that began with heartbreak - my beloved and so exquisite betta Long John Silver died early this morning.  It happened very suddenly.  He was like an orchid - white with violet and rose trimmings, beyond beautiful, and with such an enchanting, cute personality -- very curious, totally full of life.  And then his life ended suddenly.  It was like seeing a crushed rose.  Why?  Animals have souls.  Bettas certainly do.  They have more soul than some people I truly believe sometimes.  They're certainly gifts. 

Anyway, on this very sad day, my interview with Richard Skipper came out on his blog.  He chooses various people and things he loves to celebrate and this week he is celebrating me and JUST JOAN:  A JOAN CRAWFORD APPRECIATION.  (Thank you, Richard!)  Read the interview through the link below in which I discuss all things Joan with Richard.

January 3, 2012
Good grief!  2012 already!  Much to say, but will add at another time!  Got e-mail from fan today and learned that Just Joan is being sold at Barnes & Noble stores in the NYC area!  Geez, don't know where my baby will turn up next!  But this means I have book signings and talks to arrange!
I also received some wonderful gifts from Joan fans recently (and over the years) and feel very lucky to have super special items from Joan Crawford's personal life.  I have added some of the glorious photos that were in the DOYLE catalog from the auction that took place in December, 2011.  Many of Joan's personal items and memorabilia were auctioned off and the beautiful catalog was filled with wonderful photos and photo montages including some fab COLOR photos of Joan and photos I've never seen before!  (So many Joan photos, so little time).  I normally don't write about this stuff on  my website.  When I created my website, my aim was to do a completely unique site with all original material and, as I've said, I wrote it as I would a book and also arranged all my photo galleries for aesthetic appeal, not just piling a bunch of photos on a page.  Every one was hand picked to fit the specific gallery and work visually.  My intention was to turn the site into a book which I did after four years of intensive research (hooray!).  Anyway, I've put some samples of the DOYLE photos on my JUST JOAN Facebook page.  I tried to upload one of them here, but it hasn't worked, so will try another day, kids.
A completely unique and beautifully designed site is I'M NOT PATTY.  The guy who runs it is not only a good writer, but has a great eye and a great sense of humor.  He's also a terrific person. You can find a link for it on my Links I Like page. 


November 1, 2011

This weekend going to see Follies with another divine diva, Elaine Paige, one of my top favorite singers.  Paige was the ultimate stage Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard, having the whole package as a musical theatre star of voice and acting chops and mesmerizing presence, never once going out of character to flaunt her amazing range.  Well, in a recent interview, Paige tells readers the song "I'm Still Here" was based on Joan Crawford, according to Stephen Sondheim.  Knowing this makes it all even more special, doesn't it?

September 19, 2011

Hi, kids!  Been away for a month and a half!  Spending time with beloved family and a lot to do and catch up on now that I'm back.  Just Joan got another great endorsement at a festival in Los Angeles.  I'll post the beautiful ad for it when I have time.  Been working on my mystery series (slowly) and tours (slowly) and now I'm moving into stage plays!  Am meeting with a director who has done a number of shows in the city and hope to get some productions off the ground.  It feels very right for this time of my life.  These past few years I've enjoyed a lot of exciting achievements and everything I've visualized I've accomplished.  It's a very good feeling.  Especially I'm happy about Just Joan and enjoy the great responses I've been getting from fans.  Thanks for your e-mails.  Always like hearing from you, fellow Joan fans.  Working on some upcoming events for Just Joan and will keep you informed.  So, anyway, nose to the grindstone.  Much to do, but always time to smell the roses -- and, in this case, it will be watching the upcoming box set of DYNASTY with my other pet Joan C., Joan Collins!  Behave!  (Who wants Alexis to behave, though?)

July 24, 2011

Just Joan will be sold at the Drama Book Shop, 250 W. 40th Street, NYC - a wonderful store devoted to theatre and film books!  Get your copy there!

Also, congrats to Hedda Lettuce (Steven Polito) who is playing the Charles Busch role (Mother Superior) in Charles Busch's wonderful play "The Divine Sister" at Stageworks Hudson!  So exciting!  Hedda has been such a wonderful champion of my book Just Joan and is such a wonderful performer -- very happy for our Queen of Green!  (And hopefully I can get SP in a "Miss Bell" play in the future!!!)

July 12, 2011

Added new link to
Le Souffle au Coeur under Links I Like.  This blog features wonderful screen grabs from Crawford films.

July 11, 2011

Hey, cats and kittens!  Back from a fab trip to Yellowstone!  Amazing - like being inside a National Geographic special -- and I saw wolves, grizzlies, moose, elk, antelope, bison, coyotes, etc. in the wild!  Now POSSESSED (1931) will be playing at Film Forum in NYC on July 29, 2011, and the Joan-gods willing, JUST JOAN will be displayed and/or sold there!  Stay tuned!

June 8, 2011

Hey, kids!  I'm having a book signing event at the Stonewall Inn in NYC on Thursday, June 16 in celebration of pride month!  The event will start at approximately 6pm and end at 9pm, although the bar will be swinging!  (Stonewall Inn has two drink minimum!)

The event:      JUST JOAN book signing (with live entertainment)
The place:      The Stonewall Inn
The address:  53 Christopher Street
                     New York, NY 10014-3530
The date:       Thursday, June 16, 2011
The time:       6pm-9pm

Feel free to come as your favorite Joan character!!!!!

May 19, 2011

I've added my cartoons and more about my published articles and work to my personal page, kids.  Check out Donna Marie Nowak, Author and Cartoonist.

May 10, 2011

Another anniversary of Joan's death is passing!  Yet through all that she gave on film and television and through glorious photo sessions, she lives on!

March 23, 2011

  May her star shine bright!

I was very sorry to learn that Elizabeth Taylor died on Joan's birthday -- both women were legendary classic film stars, icons and loyal friends.  Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most beautiful women this world has ever known and a wonderful humanitarian who campaigned for AIDS at a time when it wasn't popular.  Two beautiful stars - Joan and Elizabeth - grace the heavens.

March 14, 2011

Added photo of Bonnie and I to the Chelsea Clearview book signing photos.


March 10, 2011


Cats and kittens -- this Friday I will be on a national radio show -- the Derek and Romaine show-- co-hosted by our own Hedda Lettuce -- and I'll be talking about -- you guessed it - Just Joan and our gal.  The station is Sirius 109 and XM 98 and my spot airs 8pm EST.  Stay tuned!  Don't touch that dial!


February 28, 2011


Hello, Joan-fans!  I've got back some photos from my book-signing event in New York City at the Chelsea Clearview and am posting them on my press page for JUST JOAN.  Check it out on Press and Praise for Just Joan!  Lots of fun had by all!  It will take me awhile to post photos, so I'll be adding over time.  Oh, alright - here's a direct link to photos!


February 24, 2011


OMIGOD - I had a phenomenal time at my event at The Chelsea Clearview (where all your dreams come true)!  The Q&A with me was conducted onstage before the showing of Mildred Pierce and the hostess, our very own Hedda Lettuce was phenomenal - she really asked wonderful questions and seemed to truly get the essence of the book and what I was trying to do.  (And Hedda is always hilarious!)  After the movie, a book signing was conducted upstairs -- they had the table set up so beautifully with red roses, my book on display and a faux Oscar plus donughts and coffee for all the guests.  I could feel Joan hovering around, picking up lint or crumbs from the carpet.  I met some terrific people and hundreds (literally) of photos were taken.  I can get used to this!  As soon as I get my copies of some of them, which will also be used in Chelsea Clearview publicity, I will post them here.  A press page re Just Joan will be set up soon!  Stay tuned and thanks, kids, for your continued support!


February 8, 2011


Hey, kids!  All you New Yorkers, please join me on Thursday, February 24 at 7pm, while I sign copies of Just Joan:  A Joan Crawford Appreciation at Chelsea Clearview!  The Queen of Green, our own Hedda Lettuce, grand hostess at the Clearview, will conduct a Q&A with me and my very favorite Crawford film, "Mildred Pierce," will be playing on the big screen!  A reception will follow and Pepsi will flow!  Don't miss out on the fun!


The address:  260 West 23rd Street, New York, NY

The date:        Thursday, February 24, 2011

The time:         7pm


Also be sure to check out the fab interview with me in SALON by Annie Stone (link below) and I will try to figure out how to get a podcast of the radio interview I did with Movie Magazine International in San Francisco -- with another Anne Stone (Joan must like Anne Stones!). 


And don't miss the blog "I'm Not Patty" - the link is on my Links I Like page - Rob who writes it is terrific and a continual delight!  Beautiful screen grabs from Joan's home movies and quotes from my book in this latest post.  Two of my favorite screen grabs are below.  Joan was so incredibly stunning naturally and relaxed in these films!  Goddess indeed!  Let's hope these very special home movies become available to the public soon!

With the first Christopher who was brutally taken away from her by his birth mother.

Splendor in the grass

January 24, 2011
Check out the great interview with me re JUST JOAN on Salon!  Annie Stone, by the by, is not the same Anne Stone from Movie Line, but, ironically, they have the same name!  Enjoy!
January 13, 2011
My interview by lovely Anne Stone of Movie Magazine International in San Francisco finally has an air date -- January 19!  As I stated below, it will air on KUSF, 90.3 FM (San Francisco), their local flagship radio station.  Tune in to hear what I have to say about my book Just Joan and our gal!  A link will be provided.  Stay tuned!
November 21, 2010
I'm in the middle of something that basically cancels out everything else for now, but wanted to make a few quick updates.
JUST JOAN was called "near perfect" by Hollywood's DAEIDA MAGAZINE!  A wonderful review is in this month's issue where JUST JOAN is "Editor's Pick!"  I have to say, my hard work paid off.  I'm proud that my book is one of the absolute best Joan Crawford books out there!
Janis Ian (yes, of "At Seventeen" fame) requested an autographed copy of JUST JOAN and I'm psyched to comply!  While at the Women in the Arts festival in Palm Springs, I received a comp ticket to her concert and it was wonderful.  If you would like an autographed copy of JUST JOAN, by the by, please e-mail me and I'd be delighted to personalize a copy for you! 
As for the festival, it was a fascinating experience!  Women in all mediums grouped together for three days of festivities and JUST JOAN had a table for signings!  I got a lot of material from my experience and had a beautiful suite in a hotel that reminded me of the settings of so many Hollywood films!  Thanks to Dee Jae Cox and Michele Weiss (of the Los Angeles Women's Theatre Project) for making it happen!
October 8, 2010
The lovely Anne Stone did a wonderful radio interview with me last night re JUST JOAN for "Movie Magazine International" -- it will air on KUSF, 90.3 FM (San Francisco), their local flagship radio station. It was so much fun and Anne's questions were superb! Stay tuned for the date and how you can listen to a podcast!  The tentative airdate is October 20!  There will also be a book review of Just Joan.  Mark your calendars!  I'll be sure to provide a link here!
On the non-Joan side, been doing a horror story with Terry Castle (yes, William Castle's daughter!) in a "Scare It Forward" project -- there are actually a whole lot of us composing this piece as a fun "campfire" ghost story for the month of October -- we each have one day to add our section! 
And, aside from that, working on more "Miss Bell" mysteries! 
The grand review of Just Joan will be in the November issue of DAEIDA MAGAZINE in Hollywood; my grand book was chosen as "EDITOR'S PICK!"  I've been getting wonderful e-mails from the fans who are loving Just Joan!  Ah, music to my ears, kids - keep 'em coming!  I love hearing from you and am so happy you're happy!  (I am, too!)  Joan, we still love you!
September 21, 2010
As I mentioned below, I had the pleasure of meeting William Castle's lovely daughter Terry at a fab William Castle festival at Film Forum (man, I really got to see the full range of Castle's work and fell in love with his early "Whistler" films).  Anyway, I gave Terry a copy of Just Joan and guess what?  She managed to get it to her father from beyond the grave!  He mentions it in his blog about "Strait-Jacket."  Check it out:
September 8, 2010
Just a funny story, kids.  Went to see my doctor today, whom I adore!  He's the coolest and an excellent doctor on top of being the kind of person who puts you completely at ease!  Anyway, turns out he's a rabid Joan Crawford fan -- and it was no pose!  Knew his stuff.  Joan was his mother's idol.  And get this - Jack Warner was his patient!  So was Irving Thalberg's daughter!  We talked Joan and oldtime radio and Old Hollywood like old pals!  He was excited about Just Joan and is going to buy a copy!  (But of course!)  And I think we both taught each other a thing or two.  He said, "Nice to know I'm not the only person out there who loves this stuff" and I said, "There are more of us out there than you think, doctor!"
September 6, 2010
Happy Labor Day!  Two announcements, although not the announcements I referred to below.  They will come.  I will be doing a radio interview with Movie Magazine International at the end of this month - the date and all details will be posted here and on the Just Joan Facebook page.  Stay tuned (literally).
In November, I will be at a 3-day event of "Women in the Arts" in Palm Springs, CA -- yes, where The Damned Don't Cry was filmed.  Copies of Just Joan will be autographed for all purchasers!  The dates are November 5-7 (gala begins November 4).  Lots of wonderful artists in all mediums will be there, celebrating women in the arts.  The address:  Casablanca Studios, Desert Hot Springs, CA; 66-321 Pierson Blvd; Desert Hot Springs, CA.  It promises to be super-exciting!  If you're on the West Coast, drop on by!
Receiving my first royalty check from Just Joan!  Yahoo!  Great feeling!
August 28, 2010

Sorry, kids, been mega-busy, but so much going on that I'd love to report!  I have a few great announcements to make soon re Just Joan, but won't breathe a word until it's all official!  I'm madly in love with my own book and the fans have been loving it!  There was no better feeling than holding my own book in my hands, seeing the fruit of all my work and seeing it come together so beautifully - I'm incredibly proud of this beautiful, comprehensive book and nothing can ever take away that feeling of having put a positive Joan book (and a very personal one) -- a major work -- into the world for posterity.  Wow.  Jeanine Basinger said she was not only delighted, but thrilled by Just Joan.  The other night met William Castle's daughter Terry at the double feature of Strait-Jacket and Homicidal -- she was an absolute doll!  And gave her comp copy of Just Joan.  Loved hearing her stories about her dad, plus she said our gal Joan  used to bounce her on her knee!  (Stay tuned for more on that).  Met two great guys, too, who both had known Crawford and were also writers, very enthused about my book -- the amazing connections I've been making are incredible and very exciting.  (Oh -- they also knew the guy who had played "Tommy" in The Damned Don't Cry -- yeah, Joan's son in the film and gave me some inside scoop on what happened to him.) 


Thanks for all your great e-mails!  Love hearing from you!  (Also working on a full-length "Miss Bell" novel with a little bit of a Joan connection.)


Oh -- and I've been slowly working on a personal page.  So many people have asked about it, especially my fellow writers at MWA, so I'm putting a page together.  Have to stay au courant, I suppose!  Check out the new link to it on Links I Like.  Also added link to a divine new blog, I'm Not Patty, which is all about Joan all the time!  Check both new links out!!


July 11, 2010
Off to Ireland, kids, for fun and blarney (yep, and I'm going to pass around Just Joan postcards in Dublin - ya didn't think I wouldn't, did ya?) -- but my launch party begins upon my return.  Will have book signings in all the major U.S. hotspots!  Stay tuned!
June 30, 2010
Full launch getting underway, but to order JUST JOAN right now without delay, do so at link below (Joan and I both urge you!!!):
SO EXCITING!!  Yahoo!!
ADDENDUM:  Coming on the heels of exciting news, there is deeply shocking and sad news:  I just learned that Ed Guinea, a wonderful guy and devoted Joan Crawford fan, passed away last weekend.  All of us who knew Ed, whether very well or peripherally, are feeling the tremendous loss. Why do some of the rotten apples linger and some of the good ones get taken?
If there is a Joan Crawford Heaven (the name of an early Joan Crawford website), Ed, we know you're in it with our gal!  RIP!
June 4, 2010
Sneak preview of book cover for my baby, JUST JOAN!  Read below for details!  Debut:  June 30, 2010!!!!  Get ready!  Hang onto your mad hats!


GRAND NEWS!!!  The Films of Joan Crawford (, this fabulous website, my baby, is now a book (as I always dreamed it would be and designed it to be)!  For those of you just discovering this site, the content has been removed and will be found (revised) in the book version.   The book is called Just Joan:  A Joan Crawford Appreciation and debuts June 30, 2010!!!!  Just Joan carries endorsements from none other than the inimitable Charles Busch and the divine Shaun Considine (author of Bette and Joan:  The Divinie Feud); their words will adorn my book's cover!  There is more comprehensive material than was originally on this site, more than 300 fabulous photos (including many not found on the site), and a moving, phenomenal afterword by Jim Sibal, the spouse of the late Carl Johnes who was Crawford's dear friend in her later years. Just Joan has been a monumental load of work in putting together, lots of stress and lots of joy, and definitely a labor of love.  It is dedicated to my parents and to the fans -- yes, all of you wonderful people out there in the dark (just as Joan would have wanted it!)  It's my valentine to my beloved Joan Crawford, the Maria Callas of Film.  May her star always burn bright!  Just Joan is a truly unique Crawford book; there is none other like it!  In seeing a preview of it, I can tell you it looks FABULOUS and I'm both ecstatic and proud!!  (Hell, I deserve it -- and so do all of you!!)  Stay tuned for more details!  Joan, hang onto your hat!!  (She's looking through her massive shelves of hats for the right one for opening night!)


June 24, 2010


Okay, kids - Just Joan is now on Facebook (check it out!!) and will soon be available for pre-ordering!  Hooray!  Also, I am going to be selling some of the marvelous Joan items I've acquired over the years.  Please send me an e-mail for details.  I have lots of juicy Joan items and scores of photographs.  Many things I acquired as research for my book and would love to pass on these wonderful items to another devoted Joan fan!  I will only be keeping select Joan items for myself, but have a lot of truly fabulous Joan stuff to go around.


Aside from that -- the book is almost here!  Wow.  I can hardly wait myself!


May 26, 2010


Thanks to all the fans who have written and inquired about the book.  I will be devoted to the publicity/marketing aspects very soon, but there's been a lot to do with just making sure my baby is PERFECT!  In any case, I'm very, very proud and I know you'll all be as pleased with Just Joan as I amIt's been a thorny path and whole lot of work, but at the end is the rose and a very satisfying pay-off!  Ooh lah lah!  Just Joan will be coming to Facebook soon as well.  So stay tuned for June 30 -- the big day and the Great Oz at the end of this long, yellow-brick road!  Doing the website "The Films of Joan Crawford," which now only exists as a shell, has been a truly extraordinary and rewarding experience; I've gotten so many wonderful e-mails from all over the world and developed a few real friendships as well.  People from MGM and people who had known Joan personally were among the correspondents in the years I've maintained this site.  It's been really wonderful and most rewarding is the unique book I am adding to the Crawford library and the world.  All the research and work and writing of original pieces paid off.  Thanks, everyone, and thanks, Joan, for this wonderful journey.


May 10, 2010


On the anniversary of Joan's death - just want to say:  Joan, you are not forgotten! 


April 28, 2010


Okay, kids.  Things have truly come full circle with the publication of Just Joan.  I knew going in that my site would have a beginning, middle and "end" -- not really an "end" because it's become a permanent record in the form of a book and all the material for the online version still exists with the visible links removed.  Although the content in the book has been updated and doesn't carry the same photos, in some instances, I am no longer making that content available online.  I have to say, it's one of my proudest publishing achievements.  Just Joan:  A Joan Crawford Appreciation is exactly the book I envisioned and what I have always intended for my site.  All the years of research, devotion and hard work have paid off.  It will be a wonderful bouquet to Joan and the fans -- truly the ultimate Joan Crawford Bible and a must for any Joan library.  In the meantime, I'm leaving up my delicious photo galleries, filled to the rafters with Joan photos.   


Thanks for your patronage, kids, and continue to enjoy the galleries and my book, Just Joan:  A Joan Crawford Appreciation!  As I've said before, a book, like a diamond, is forever.


April 26, 2010


Well, kids, I'm gearing up with much excitement and anticipation for the release of Just Joan this June!  I will be having two launch parties - one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast!  Very, very thrilling!  Stay tuned for a presence for Just Joan on Facebook. 


As for my website, things have come full circle and I feel a sense of completion and fulfillment.  I will put up a Just Joan page here and possibly update you all on upcoming projects, but my activities will now be centered around promotion of Just Joan, part of every writer's job, and -- shh! -- non-Joan projects.  However, I adore hearing from fellow Joan fans and fans of this site, so don't hesitate to write, as many of you do.  I love hearing from you!  Your e-mails are always welcome.


Aside from Just Joan, I am in the midst of launching my mystery series, which I absolutely love and am equally thrilled about (oh - I'm never idle -- Joan competes with me and yes, she crams in just a tad more into her minutes).  As Charles Busch once said, just when you start to do things for the sheer joy of it, it feels like things really happen (or something like that).  I'm in talks about having my series character developed for the stage, so there is much work ahead.  Meanwhile, I continue also writing for the radio. Joan reads and rehearses my scripts tirelessly and she's very vocal.


So lots coming up, kids!  More Joan all the time!  JUST JOAN!  For me, for Joan, and for all you wonderful people out there in the dark!


March 25, 2010


Dig this 1950's shot of Joan with Franchot Tone - isn't it adorable?  She was still very coquettish with him and I'm sure they both had feelings for one another!


March 24, 2010

I will soon have postcards up for Just Joan!  Stay tuned!


March 23, 2010


Don't want to forget my beloved Joan's birthday, so posting in advance!




March 7, 2010


Replaced a photo in Gallery 14 of Joan with Jack Benny with the same photo sans watermark -- thanks to Jennifer!!


January 30, 2010


Happy new year, all!  I will be adding a new page when possible about my upcoming projects.  Right now I'm swamped and gearing up for the publication of Just Joan, my dream come true; stay tuned for the April debut which I'm absolutely thrilled about!!  My site is basically going to be considered complete and the book will be a lasting testament to it.  I love websites, but, for me, nothing can replace a book that you can hold in your hand.  A website lasts as long as its creator - a book, like a diamond, is forever! 


I love the e-mails I get from all you fellow Joan fans, so keep 'em coming!  I'm always glad to hear from you!


December 20, 2009


Added link for new Joan blog (wow! Joan is really enjoying a renaissance!!) - Fuck Yeah Joan Crawford!  (Here!  Here!)  Check it out under Links I Like!


December 16, 2009


Added link to Michael O'Hanlon's new website dedicated to one of my alltime favorite actresses, that siren of the pre-code film and elegant drink of water - Kay Francis!  Check it out under Links I Like!


November 4, 2009


Replaced last photo in Queen Bee with better version of same photo.


November 1, 2009


Replaced first photo for better version of same photo in When Ladies Meet.


October 27, 2009


Replaced a photo in Berserk with brilliant new color one!  Check it out!


October 2, 2009


Deleted link to Swingin' Chicks of the Sixties, which seems to be defunct and is now replaced by a porn site of the same name, and added new link to Mildred Pierce, The Novel (thanks, Carolyn!) which contains fascinating analytical research papers from Glendale college students -- see the real Glendale!  Check out the photos! 


Listen, folks, still working on my big project.  Announcement will be made at Christmas.


September 16, 2009


Added link to a multi-faceted and fascinating new site The Land of Crawford/All Things Crawford to Links I LikeCheck it out!


September 11, 2009


Slight revisions to book review of Johnny Guitar.


September 9, 2009


Made tiny edit to A Portrait of Joan in Book Reviews.


September 1, 2009


Made slight edits to book review of Joan Crawford:  The Last Word.


Added review for Marry for Money by Katharine Brush, the basis for the film "Mannequin."


August 31, 2009


Added book review for Fred Lawrence Guiles' Joan Crawford:  The Last Word.


August 28, 2009


Actually, a lot more is coming.  Just haven't gotten around to adding it, plus working on my big project which will be announced probably at Christmas!


Meanwhile, added Joan's lovely signature to the front page.  We'll see if that stays.  Just testing a slightly new look and remain undecided.  Stay tuned!


August 23, 2009


Happy 3rd Anniversary to this site!  It's been a wonderful three years!


July 28, 2009


Added review for Joan Crawford:  A Biography by Bob Thomas to Book Reviews.


July 22, 2009


Made minor edits to my essay Joan and Diana:  Two Great Dames and review for Montana Moon.

July 17, 2009


Made edits to "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney" under Miscellaneous Plays made Into Films.


July 15, 2009


Made small adjustments to The Joan Crawford Murders in Book Reviews.


July 7, 2009


Friends, Romans and Joan fans -- once again, I'm taking a necessary hiatus to work on some uber-thrilling projects and eventually announcements will be made on this site!!!  I'm drinking Pepsi as I write this.  In the interim, don't tell me you've read everything and taken all the quizzes, solved all the puzzles, and cleaned your apartments up to Joan standards.  I just won't believe it.  Once my thrilling projects are complete (to be replaced by more thrilling projects), I will be updating my site, making my uber-marvelous announcement, and completing any outstanding reviews.  When I get winded, I only think of Joan.  What would she do?  We don't have to ask.  We know.


Stay tuned!  Same Joan-time, same Joan-channel (or url).


June 27, 2009


Added new photos to Rain and Today We Live.


June 12, 2009


Added link to non-Joan site "Dynasty Official Site" for that absolutely fabulous nighttime soap opera par excellence starring another divine "Joan C." -- Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington.  Diva-licious!  Check it out in Links I Like.


June 11, 2009


Added new link to new site "Post Modern Joan!"  With Joan Crawford as an overriding theme, it explores many aspects of film -- not all directly related to Crawford, but fascinating.  Check it out under Links I Like.


Removed blog "All About Margo" from the Links page, since it apparently has shut down.


June 9, 2009


Added a new photo of my friend Karen and I to About Me page and several new photos to Television Acting.


June 1, 2009


Okay, kids, back with some updates this month!  Returned from a phenomenal trip to Alaska -- incredible, pristine wilderness with a beauty that was unearthly!  To see grizzlies catching fish under a glacier with the snow-covered mountains as backdrop (the white and ice blue outlines of the mountaintops peek out of cloud, to make it all the more surreally beautiful) and all that blue - Wow!  My gal Sarah Palin lives there, a self-made and sexy frontier's woman if ever there was, her grit and glamour reminding me of our gal. (And one understands why fur is so popular there - it's a living in that rugged, amazing wilderness and a necessity!)


Anyway, added a link to a great Oldtime Radio Collection where you can get the "Joan Crawford Collection" and hear Joan on the radio (and didn't she have a sensual speaking voice?)  Check out:  Links I Like and page down to "Joan-Related and Non-Joan Sites" to find the link and order these great cds and disks.  Joan was every inch a star -- even on the radio! 


Speaking of radio, please also tune in to my own radio mystery show "Saved by Miss Bell" being broadcast by San Francisco's Shoestring Radio Theatre on June 26, 2009.  It  will be directed by Anne Stone.  "Shoestring Radio Theatre" airs nationally every week on the Public Radio Satellite Network (which reaches hundreds of public radio stations across the country). The program also is heard on Golden Hours Radio in the state of Oregon, the Companion Radio Network (transmitted to convalescent homes, veterans hospitals, and rehabilitation centers throughout the country), and Broadcast Services for the Blind (San Francisco). You can also listen to the show on-demand in RealAudio. (If you live in the SF Bay Area, you can tune in to the local edition of "Shoestring" on its flagship station KUSF, 90.3 FM.) 


Don't drop out - tune in!


May 17, 2009


Added new color photo to Johnny Guitar and deleted a smaller color photo.  Also shifted photos around slightly.  (Hey - just noticed that, even in "Johnny Guitar," Joan is stuck with those prim, insufferable, buttoned-up bows and Peter Pan collars that she seemed to have been saddled - no pun intended -- with in the 1950's!  Oy - blame Sheila O'Brien!)


May 8, 2009


Well, yesterday was my birthday (woohoo!)!  Just wanted to put in some words near the anniversary of Joan Crawford's death (May 10) - Joan, we love you always and always (to echo a phrase from "Mannequin")!  Updates will be forthcoming some time in June.  For now, going to Alaska and working on some projects.  Will catch up on my Joan reading in June!  Hang onto your hats, Joan and Joan-fans (and we know how Joan loved mad hats)!


Although I don't make announcements like this on my site as a general rule, just wanted to note that several Joan Crawford films have been playing NYC this month:  The Unknown will be playing at Film Forum on May 25 and Thursday Mildred Pierce will be at Chelsea Clearview.  (Last Thursday it was Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.)  Joan is still lighting up the screens!


April 19, 2009


Removed "The Only Thing" and substituted "The Circle" under listing for Films of the Twenties.  (Thanks, Mateja!)  There are also seven other possible silents Joan was an extra in which I will eventually add when I have confirmation.


April 13, 2009


Reviewed fictionalized story of Possessed 1947 in Book Reviews.  More reviews will be forthcoming, kids.  Still wrapped up in many projects.


April 1, 2009


Added another Pepsi product placement answer to my Fun with Joan Trivia page (thanks, Hannah, for pointing out a very subtle, almost subliminal product placement - don't ever say "The Exorcist" was the first to work subliminally!  Joan was, folks!)  Don't click on the answers until you attempt to guess!


March 30, 2009


Light revisions to Reunion in France (which I was privileged to see on the big screen today!)


March 23, 2009


In advance, let me wish my beloved idol a wonderful birthday!  Joan, we haven't forgotten you!  We're still watching!




March 20, 2009


Due to some very exciting projects I'm working on at the moment, I am taking a hiatus from my site.  But I will be back with lots of updates, edits and treats for all of you Joan-mad guys and gals.  And don't tell me you've read everything on the site already and taken all quizzes (did you try the cryptograms?)  (Hmm . . . I'll know if you've cheated, remember!)  Stay tuned!  Announcements will be forthcoming, too!  Hang onto your hats (and mink-coat-pocket-sized-heaters)!


March 12, 2009


Fixed font size in Fun with Joan Puzzles.


March 10, 2009


Replaced the cover photo for Films of the Forties with one sans watermark (thanks, Mateja!)  Also replaced photos with better prints in Ice Follies of 1939 and on the Contact Me page.  (Again, thanks, Mateja!)


March 9, 2009


Added dynamic new photo to Winners of the Wilderness.


Replaced a photo of Joan dancing with Franchot with better version of same shot in Love on the Run.


March 8, 2009


Added new candid photo to The Story of Esther Costello.  Bear with me, kids!  Updates will be forthcoming when I get around to reviewing all the outstanding Joan bios I've added pages for.  Also have a ton of photos to add, but all in good time, my pretties, all in good time!


March 3, 2009


Corrected a photo identification in Mildred Pierce (Thanks, Benjamin!)


February 22, 2009


Made light revisions to book review Crawford's Men.


February 12, 2009


Added new links to Book Reviews for the following (reviews to come):  Joan Crawford:  A Biography by Bob Thomas; Joan Crawford:  Hollywood Martyr by David Bret; and Joan Crawford:  The Last Word by Fred Lawrence Guiles.  Yes, I will get to these outstanding reviews, including the "Ultimate Star" bio by Alexander Walker.  Stay tuned! 


February 7, 2009


Replaced photo with watermark with same photo sans watermark in This Woman is Dangerous (it's the "cute backstage photo").


February 5, 2009


Deleted a small publicity photo of Joan with ingenues and substituted larger one of Joan with ingenues in I Saw What You Did (photo before last).


January 29, 2009


Deleted color lobby card with Joan and Eve Arden and substituted larger, black and white panoramic shot in Goodbye, My Fancy (fifth photo down from top).


Added great new candid to Harriet Craig.


January 23, 2009


Replaced color photo from "Humoresque" in Photo Gallery 4 with adorable photo of Joan with Charlie Chaplin.  Replaced watermarked "Torch Song" photo in Gallery 5.  Replaced profile shot of Joan in "Possessed" with color Humoresque photo in Gallery 14 (still working on that gallery - don't like it yet!)


January 20, 2009


Added new candid photo to The Last of Mrs. Cheyney.  Deleted photo of Joan signing books and substituted color poolside Joan photo in Gallery 14.  Various other edits to Photo Gallery 14.  (And it's still not soup!)


January 16, 2009


Still not completely satisfied with photos in Gallery 14 and they remain a work in progress.  Added two new photos and deleted others.  Deleted color photo of Joan with her Oscar and panoramic shot of dancing from "Dancing Lady."  Added beautiful headshot of Joan (second from top) and color photo of Joan from early 50's.  Also replaced photo with watermark (Joan cutting gingham).  It's not "soup" yet, but I'm experimenting and one day it will be.


January 6, 2009


Added new photo (last one) to The Best of Everything.


December 31, 2008


Replaced two photos.  Replaced top photo in The Gay Connection to Joan with clearer image of same photo and replaced color photo in Torch Song with different color photo to go with caption "The perfect guy. . . except he's blind!"  Also improved picture frames around photos on both links.


December 30, 2008


Added new photo to Photo Gallery 14 with Christopher taking photo of family (very cute) and deleted color photo of hot Joan which is a duplicate of the photo found on facing page of "Films of the Fifties."


Just to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Be back in 2009 (gulp!) with more Joan extravaganza!


By the way, I'm embarrassed (well, not really) to admit that the second anniversary of this site passed in August without my realizing it!  Anyway, my site is now a little bit over two years old!  And going strong!  Hang on to your hats, Joan and fans!


December 22, 2008


Completed book review for All the Brothers Were Valiant, the basis for the film "Across to Singapore."


Made some updates to Book Reviews page, including providing link to review at bottom of page under Joan photo.


December 18, 2008


Completed Photo Gallery 14, although may still move around photos to get right balance and effect.  Check it out! 


Finally finished my review of Jane Ellen Wayne's Crawford's Men.


Added new page for All the Brothers Were Valiant (made into the film "Across to Singapore") to Book Reviews.  Review to come!


Made tiny revision to Conversations with Crawford.


December 17, 2008


Added color screen grab to It's a Great Feeling.


December 15, 2008


Added link for fun Topher Payne site "Ask Joan" to Links I Like.  Don't we all want to know what Joan would do?! 


December 13, 2008


Removed link (sadly) for The Joan Crawford Fan Club which is currently defunct after a promising start. 


Stay tuned for my review of Crawford's Men (still laboring over it!) and Photo Gallery 14 (still in progress, subject to change)!  (By the way, I had been under the impression Crawford's favorite color was green and couldn't remember where I got that idea.  General consensus seems to be it was blue, based on her stationery.  Well, I found the source in Crawford's Men, allegedly taken from an interview with Crawford - although Jane Ellen Wayne's veracity inspires no confidence.)


Added last name of Joan's "mystery great love" to Joan Crawford's Home Movies...In Color!


December 12, 2008


Added link for a dynamite, beautiful new site created by a Joan fan -- for Joan's competitor, Bette Davis!  (Go ahead and look– Joan knows you love her!)  Check it out under Links I Like! 


December 10, 2008


Had my best Joan Crawford experience ever this weekend when I went to sunny, gorgeous Los Angeles and saw Crawford's home movies in color from the period 1939-1942 approximately.  Not only was she relaxed, natural and enchanting (clearly happy), but she was more beautiful than we even imagined.  It was a very interesting window into the human being.  I will attempt to write my assessment of these films with my new page Joan Crawford's Home Movies...In Color.  Thanks, UCLA! 


November 25, 2008


Made a correction to my own Fun with Joan Trivia.  I try to be practically perfect in every way, as Mary Poppins aptly put it, but sometimes a flaw leaks through!  (Sorry, Joan!  Put wrong name of 1920's film there!)


Did some fine-tuning of the reviews in Television Acting.


November 20, 2008


Added two great new photos to Television Acting.  See "Because I Love Him."


November 4, 2008


Added photos to The Shining Hour, They All Kissed the Bride, This Woman is Dangerous, and Untamed.  Also deleted one of the photos in This Woman is Dangerous.


October 30, 2008


Added review for the "Night Gallery" episode "Eyes" to Television Acting.


October 22, 2008


Added new photo of me with Joan fans to the About Me page.


October 19, 2008


Reworked my book review of The Caretakers.


October 15, 2008


Finished review for book The Caretakers.  (Star rating will be added).


September 23, 2008


Added new page for The Caretakers to Book Reviews.  Review coming!


September 18, 2008


Rarely do I say anything political on this site, because I don't like mixing politics with a site unconnected to politics.  However, I want to applaud both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sarah Palin for achieving what both have against all the ferocious sexism ladled against them.  These hard-working and dynamic women aimed to secure some of the highest positions of power in America (only to have their success reduced to a “cat fight” by the press).  How shameful and telling that so-called feminists seek to bash Palin (as women bashed Hillary) -- as if feminism should be co-opted by a certain party or point of view.  Actually, Palin's added offense seems to be being very attractive.  (One woman railed that Palin showed some leg -- ya mean, because it was shapely?  Who needs the birkha when you have other women to oppress you?) Let's stop the misogynistic modern witch-burning, as evidenced against Hillary, Sarah and our Joan.  Thumbs up for sassy Clinton and Palin and to Geraldine Ferraro who paved the way!


Removed photo from About Me.


September 13, 2008


Added photos to I Live My Life and Love on the Run.  Last photos on page.


September 11, 2008


Supplied another answer to quiz regarding "Pepsi" placements in "The Caretakers" after seeing the film tonight at the Chelsea Clearview.  (Gee, Joan looked beautiful in it, bringing her touch of classy glamour to it all -- plus a little judo!)  Follow the links in Fun with Joan Trivia to see new info.  Do try to guess first, though!


Had terrible tragedy on 9-8-08 when my beloved pet betta Blue Ling died.  My beautiful baby who brought so many hours of joy!  RIP, my loved one!  I loved and adored you so much!


September 4, 2008


A fast shout to Shaun Considine, the fab author of Bette and Joan:  The Divine Feud, who reissued the book with some juicy new information!  Kindly he mentions my website and credits me in the acknowledgements for helping him locate a photo.  Bless you!  Check out the latest edition of this comic masterpiece!  It had me howling!


August 17, 2008


Hello, boys and girls, blokes and birds, gals and fellas - just to let you know --


I will be taking a little hiatus while life is a bit busy, but will return with new stuff for my site!  Thanks to all who have sent me photos or news, etc.!  Bless you!


August 1, 2008


Added two photos of me with other Joan fans to the About Me page.


July 28, 2008


Reviewed next installment of "Pretty Sadie McKee" in Book Reviews and will finish review for "Crawford's Men" -- stay tuned!


July 22, 2008


Added phenomenal new photo to Possessed - breaking my self-imposed rule on photo limit!  That Joan!  She took too many damn good photos!  Check out this Hurrell close up!  WOW!  (Last photo on page)


July 17, 2008


Added adorable new photo to Spring Fever.


July 15, 2008


Added e-mail address for a seller of Joan's rare TV appearances to Television Acting.  Also added partial list of his offerings to Links I LikeCheck it out!!


July 1, 2008


Added new photo of Joan with young fan to Strait-Jacket.


June 25, 2008


Added publicity photo to West Point.


June 24, 2008


Added dynamic new candid photo of Joan on set of "Grand Hotel" to Grand Hotel book review.


June 19, 2008


Slight revisions to The Joan Crawford Murders.


June 14, 2008


Finally completed review for The Joan Crawford Murders.


June 2, 2008


Added campy new photo to Strait-Jacket.


May 23, 2008


Added new photo and text to Female on the Beach.


May 22, 2008


Replaced photos with watermarks (with exact same photos) in Gorgeous Hussy and They All Kissed the Bride.


May 18, 2008


Added link to fun site "Mrs. Mildred Pierce" to Links page.  Check it out!


May 11, 2008


Replaced a photo each in Photo Gallery 2 and 6 with same photo, sans watermark.


Replaced a photo in Photo Gallery 5 with same photo, sans watermark.


Added new Hurrell photo to Photo Gallery 12.  It's above "JC never shirked her fans" photo of Joan signing autographs. 


May 10, 2008


In Memoriam Joan Crawford - Died May 10, 1977 - Rest in Peace.  We Love You, Joan!


Replaced photos in Photo Gallery 12 and 13 and added new photo to Winners of the Wilderness (Joan with white wig).  Changed the opening text in Photo Gallery 13 as well.


May 6, 2008


Slight edits to book review for Johnny Guitar.

May 5, 2008


Finally finished book review for Letty Lynton.  Pending book reviews for Crawford's Men; Joan Crawford: The Ultimate Star; and The Joan Crawford Murders will be forthcoming.


May 1, 2008


Replaced watermarked photos in Ice Follies of 1939 with same photos (clear of watermarks).


April 28, 2008


Added links for The Johnny Guitar Society and Silents are Golden:  Our Dancing Daughters to Links I Like page.


Also completed Gallery 13, updating text as well.


April 27, 2008


Added photos including one from "The Virginian" and "Rebel Ranger" (plus replaced one from "Night Gallery" with a color photo -- see bottom of page) to Television Acting.


Added new link for the fab site, The DivasYes, of course, she's Number One! 


Added link for the station that makes our dreams come true - Turner Classic Movies.  Hail TCM!  Where would the world be without it?


Also added links for Concluding Chapter of Crawford; Joan Crawford:  Her Life and Career; and Joan Crawford:  Queen of Camp! 


April 24, 2008


Added new photo to West Point.


Okay, I caved in and began Photo Gallery 13!


April 23, 2008


Added new photo to The Last of Mrs. Cheyney.


Revised Susan and God.


April 22, 2008


Replaced a small color lobby card with a beautiful black and white photo of the three principals in Susan and God


April 18, 2008


Made some slight edits to Not the Girl Next Door in Book Reviews.


April 14, 2008


Replaced photo in Love on the Run (of Joan and Franchot dancing) with clearer version of same photo.


April 12, 2008


Made some revisions to Winners of the Wilderness.


Fixed some trivia in Joan Quiz.  A Joan fan needs eyes everywhere!  Phew!


April 11, 2008


Finalized review for Spring Fever.  Also switched around and added photos in Spring Fever and West Point.


April 4, 2008


Added new photo to Love on the Run and deleted a different, smaller photo.


Added gorgeous new photo (bottom) to Our Dancing Daughters, which puts me over limit for that page (but I may delete a photo).


Replaced one watermarked photo with same photo sans watermark in Our Modern Maidens.


April 3, 2008


Added some text to "Legendary Joan" link.


April 2, 2008


Deleted a photo, enlarged another and substituted a new (dramatic) photo in Letty Lynton.  There are so many "Letty" photos and Joan Crawford was so dang breathtaking in it - at the height of her youthful beauty and glamour - that one can lose one's head!!!  Restraint, restraint . . . these things must be handled delicately, as the Wicked Witch of the West so aptly put it -- er, before she melted.


March 31, 2008


New photo (last one) to A Woman's Face.


March 29, 2008


Added two new photos to Daisy Kenyon, replacing entirely different photos.


March 23, 2008




March 20, 2008


Added page to Book Reviews for The Joan Crawford Murders by Peter Swanson.  All reviews will be forthcoming!


March 19, 2008


Added new photo to The Damned Don't Cry (second one from last with Steve Cochran).


March 18, 2008


Added adorable publicity photo (bottom one) of Joan to When Ladies Meet.


Added dynamic panorama photo to The Unknown.


March 16, 2008


Replaced top photo of "Harriet Craig" with larger, color version of it.


March 10, 2008


Made slight revisions to Pretty Ladies.


March 9, 2008


Added new page for Winners of the Wilderness, another rare silent!  Joan is exquisite in it!!!!  Wow!!  She's worth the whole creaky film!!

March 7, 2008


Added link for Pretty Ladies.  All outstanding reviews will be added as time permits!  Very exciting to see this rare silent film at last which featured both Joan (still Lucille LeSueur) and Myrna Loy in the chorus!


March 3, 2008


Replaced a photo with watermark with a different photo from same session in Flamingo Road (look for photo of Joan with Cliquot on set).


Please note that I am taking a hiatus to complete some writing assignments and will be back with site updates and our beloved gal soon!


February 25, 2008


Light edits to Portraits of Joan.


Added page for Letty Lynton to Book Reviews with GORGEOUS photo of Joan in "Letty Lynton" (just had to post that photo!)  Review to come, along with other pending reviews.  Stay tuned.


February 24, 2008


Finally finished book review for Not the Girl Next Door.


February 22, 2008


Minor changes to Female on the Beach.


February 19, 2008


Replaced a photo with watermark ("What did I do to deserve you?") with another photo (where "Myra Hudson" overhears murder plot) in Sudden Fear.


Added to new Charlotte Chandler review, including rare photo.


February 13, 2008


Added new page for Not the Girl Next Door:  Joan Crawford to Book Reviews.


February 9, 2008


Finally finished my "Baby Jane" book review.


January 31, 2008


Replaced a photo from "The Bride Wore Red" in Gallery 9 for a much more spectacular version of same photo.  Page down to see.  (Joan wedged between two admirers - what else?)


January 28, 2008


Started working on my review of book Baby Jane.  More to come.


January 17, 2008


Added page for Henry Farrell's Whatever Happened to Baby Jane to Book Reviews.  Review to come.  (Three reviews are now pending!)


Added page for Alexander Walker's Ultimate Star to Book Reviews.  Review to come.


January 16, 2008
Added great photo of Joan with Milton Caniff (latter day photo) to Chained.  (Removed photo of Joan with Clark and horse.)
January 15, 2008
Changed a photo in Chained, although not settled on arrangement yet.
Changed a photo in This Modern Age, although not happy with arrangement yet.
Changed photo in Torch Song (Laughing Sinners) book review to great clinch between young beauty Joan and Neil Hamilton.  (Page down to find it!)
January 6, 2008
Added a quote by Ann Blyth under "Mildred Pierce" photo in my Joan Crawford Feminist Hero essay.
January 5, 2008

Light revisions to book reviews for The Best of Everything, Not Too Narrow . . Not Too Deep, and Out of the Dark.


January 4, 2008
Slight revisions to Dancing Lady book review.
Revamped photo for Conversations with Crawford - it's much clearer.
Revamped photos for Why Should I Cry? and Pretty Sadie McKee.  Will be revamping many photos as time permits.  Does a Joan fan's work ever end?
Eliminated a word from Love on the Run book review. 
Eventually I'll refine/edit more reviews, but for now, I'm focused on getting them up there.  Haven't forgotten about my pending review for Crawford's Men.
January 3, 2008
Light edits to new essay, Joan Crawford:  My Feminist Hero.
Finished Johnny Guitar book review.
January 1, 2008 (gulp!!)

Over the past few weeks, I've been working on my most ambitious essay/opus yet Joan Crawford:  My Feminist Hero.  Finally finished it, although may edit it when I get a chance.  See why Joan is a woman for the ages and then some.  Here’s to you, Joan!  Please note, as always, that all written material on this site is under copyright of me, author, and cannot be duplicated or borrowed without my consent.  Thanks, darlings, and enjoy.


Added new link to Mike Hanlon's site The Greatest Stars of American Film History.


BULLETIN:  I’ve been having some trouble with my site, due to space issues and oversized photos.  I hope to resolve these issues eventually.  Hang in, Joan and fans!


December 29, 2007
Added new page for Spring Fever.  Review forthcoming.

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Site will be updated once my mammoth essay (Joan Crawford, My Feminist Hero) is finished!


December 18, 2007
Fixed an answer in Joan Trivia (thank you, Michael!) regarding JC's color films.

December 15, 2007


Added answers to Fun with Joan Puzzles page (scroll to bottom), but ONLY for those who are at rope's end!!!!  (It's my Christmas present to the fans!)


Added lovely new publicity photo to The Story of Esther Costello.


December 14, 2007


Made additional edits to text in Gallery 10 and small edits to Joan and Agatha essay.


December 7-13, 2007



I’ve been replacing a few photos that had watermarks with ones free of those eyesores.  Ultimately I hope to have all photos free of watermarks.


Made changes in text for Photo Galleries 5 and 8 and 10 and added by-line to all galleries to keep format consistent.


Added a new page to Book Reviews for Love on the Run


Replaced a photo of Joan in a stick-up with Johnny Mack Brown for a photo of her with Dorothy Sebastain in Montana Moon.  Gee, the other might've been more dramatic, although Joan's eyes certainly show their stuff in this one!


Added a fun, new, TECHNICOLOR photo of Joan to Johnny Guitar!


December 4, 2007


Hopefully any glitches in the site will be fixed later tonight (fyi!)


Began new essay (more to come) Joan Crawford:  My Feminist Hero.  The notes for this have been lying in my vaults for a long time.


Added page to Book Reviews for Johnny Guitar.  Review to come.


Will finish all pages/reviews in progress!


December 3, 2007


Made a few edits to Sadie McKee.


December 2, 2007


Replaced header photo for one sans watermark in Montana Moon and replaced a large photo with entirely different one of Joan doing a tango (above last photo).


New color photo for I Live My Life (last one)!!


Added by-line to Joan and Diana essay, enlarged photos, and removed a line of text from Television Acting (this is for my own records). 


Also enlarged photos on Ice Follies of 1939, Mildred Pierce, and Reunion in France.


December 1, 2007


Added photo I love to death(!!!) of Joan reacting to fans plus an extra "fan" photo - see bottom of Contact Me page.  (We love you, too, Joan!) (Also removed color photo that had been on this page.)


Finished Photo Gallery 12, my final (so I say) gallery.  Added text, too!


November 29, 2007


Enlarged some photos in my Joan and Diana:  Two Great Dames essay and FINISHED new essay, Joan and Agatha:  Two Great Artists.


Also started Photo Gallery 12!


Don't forget to check out the Puzzles page, too!!!


November 27, 2007


Replaced watermark photo with clean one in Mannequin and substituted a better photo (finally free of watermark!) for a prior one in Laughing Sinners.


November 26, 2007


Started new page of Joan puzzles:  Fun with Joan Puzzles!  Enjoy!


November 18, 2007


Added new photo (last one) to Montana Moon.


November 14, 2007


Added link for Joan Crawford Heaven and deleted link for Sincerely Joan.  Sadly, Sincerely Joan seems to have gone by the wayside.  It had such a nice opening page, too, with the "Queen Bee" montage!


Added page for Crawford's Men by Jane Ellen Wayne to Book Reviews.  Review to come!  Stay tuned!


November 13, 2007


Hold onto your hats!  Finished book review (finally!) for The Divine Feud. 


November 11, 2007


Added some text to introduction of Photo Gallery 10.


Added  Photo Gallery 11!!!  Check it out!  I hope to stop at a dozen galleries!!  (We live in hope, as Wally Fay says in "Mildred Pierce.")


Also rearranged  Photo Gallery 1.  I'm working on finishing my review of "The Divine Feud."  Stay tuned! 

November 9, 2007
Added two new photos, enlarged and reorganized the rest on This Woman is Dangerous.
Added colorful and sexy new poster to Today We Live.
Added new photo to Sudden Fear.
Hey, kids!  The Joan Crawford Fan Club is up and running, so please, everyone, join up!  It is headquartered in England.   Here's the link:  JC Fan Club
November 8, 2007
Light trimming of play reviews in Book Reviews..
November 7, 2007
Completed review for When Ladies Meet, the play.  Please note length of play reviews to be eventually trimmed.  Stay tuned.
November 4, 2007
Added fab new photo (first one after review) to Untamed.
Began review for Rachel Crothers' play "When Ladies Meet."  If you'd like to peek, it's at Book Reviews under Miscellaneous Plays Made Into Films.
Made slight revision to Trog.
Added names of foreign books to Book Reviews, but no links provided, since work unavailable in English; will be reviewed if English translation located.
All Hallowed Eve's Eve
Added FAB! FAB! FAB! new poster to Queen Bee-- my favorite yet!  (Finally figured out how to add links to pages, so just click on link to see!)
October 28, 2007

Added new review for "Harriet Craig" to Book Reviews under "Miscellaneous Plays Made into Films." 


Rearranged photos in Photo Gallery 9 after replacing small photos with larger versions of same.  (Looks better to my eye!  Check it out!)
October 26, 2007

Edits to "Female on the Beach," "Goodbye, My Fancy," "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney" and "The Shining Hour" in Book Reviews (Miscellaneous Plays Made into Films) and added review for brilliant play "Forsaking All Others" to same page.


Made a few minor edits to "Pretty Sadie McKee" in Book Reviews and fixed some photos and captions in Photo Gallery 6 and 9.
October 24, 2007
Added beautiful new photo to Twelves Miles Out.
Replaced a photo in Susan and God with better version of same photo.
October 23, 2007
Added Photo Gallery 10.  Will be putting up new review for "Craig's Wife" to Book Reviews.
October 17, 2007
Shaved down some of the reviews for plays made into films under Book Reviews - "Miscellaneous Plays Made into Films.'
October 15, 2007
Added review for the Fay Kanin play "Goodbye, My Fancy" to Book Reviews.  See "Miscellaneous Plays Made into Films."
October 11, 2007
Added glorious new photo to Rain.
October 10, 2007
Added new photo to Susan and God under Book Reviews ("Miscellaneous Plays Made into Films").
Finished book review for play "The Women" found under "Miscellaneous Plays Made into Films."
October 3, 2007
Added fab new photo to Harriet CraigReplaced a color one with this one.
Added new photo to Forsaking All Others.
October 2, 2007
Added new photo to Hollywood Revue of 1929 and continuing to add to Photo Gallery 9.
September 29, 2007

Trying to keep down length of play reviews.  Made edits to the following plays under Book Reviews:  The Last of Mrs. Cheyney; The Shining Hour; Susan and God; and Torch Song.  Again, these can be found under "Miscellaneous Plays Made Into Films."  (Don't worry, kids!  I haven't forgotten about my pending, unfinished book review of The Divine Feud!  I'll get to it eventually!  Rome wasn't built in a day!)


Added sexy new photo to Laughing Sinners.
September 28, 2007
Added new review for "The Shining Hour" to Book Reviews under "Plays Made Into Films."
September 26, 2007
Added new review for "The Last of Mrs. Cheyney," the original play, in Book Reviews under "Plays Made Into Films." 
September 25, 2007
Added new book review to Book Reviews for William Faulkner's "Turn About," the basis for the film Today We Live.  Franchot Tone's upside-down pipe was no accident, folks! 


September 23, 2007


Added more to Photo Gallery 9!  Stay tuned!

September 15, 2007


Replaced photo in Across to Singapore with even cuter photo. 


Added review for "Torch Song" which was the basis for Laughing Sinners to Book Reviews under "Plays Made Into Films." 


Some edits to review of play Susan and God.


September 12, 2007


Added new review for the play "Susan and God" to Book Reviews under "Plays Made Into Films."


September 11, 2007


Added new review for "The Besieged Heart," the source for "Female on the Beach," to Book Reviews under "Plays Made Into Films."


Began new photo gallery - Photo Gallery 9!


August 24, 2007


Added new photo to The Shining Hour.


August 23, 2007


The first year anniversary of my site!!!! 


Edited some text in Photo Gallery 3.  (This note is mainly for me, since I keep a hard copy of my entire site and want it to match what is online.)


Started a page for "Miscellaneous Plays Into Films" on Book Reviews page.  It's a work in progress, including the format.


August 22, 2007


Substituted one good shot for a shot I like more in Our Dancing Daughters.


August 21, 2007


Found a dupe photo in Photo Gallery 5, so removed it and substituted a beautiful shot of Joan and Franchot in "Dancing Lady."


Replaced two photos in Sadie McKee.  (The first anniversary of this website is coming in two days!  Mama is proud!)


August 20, 2007


Added photos to Love on the Run and Our Dancing Daughters.  Replaced one of the photos in Love on the Run.


August 19, 2007


Added new photos to Autumn Leaves and The Women.


August 17, 2007


Added endearing photo of Joan with book to the bottom of Book Reviews page.


Added photo to I Live My Life.


Added colorized photo to The Women.


August 16, 2007


Replaced photo in Laughing Sinners.


Photo Gallery 8 is filling with truly fabulous photos - very large and clear!  Check out the "Mildred Pierce" doll in the gallery!!


Also added photos to Across to Singapore, The Caretakers, Montana Moon (two), Sadie McKee (rearranged photos there), This Modern Age and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. 


Replaced photo in Daisy Kenyon and Dance, Fools, Dance.


Added fab photo of Joan signing books to "A Portrait of Joan" in Book Reviews.


August 15, 2007


Added dynamic new ad for film "Sadie McKee" to "Pretty Sadie McKee" review in Book Reviews.  Features original cover of "Liberty Magazine!"


August 14, 2007


Added more to my review of "Pretty Sadie McKee" in Book Reviews, plus gorgeous illustration from original "Libery Magazine" in which it appeared.


August 13, 2007


Added great new photo to Sudden Fear and Photo Gallery 8 is slowly expanding.

August 11, 2007


Added new page for "Claustrophobia," the short story that became I Live My Life to Book Reviews.


Fixed Dr. Macro's link on Links I Like page.


August 10, 2007


Replaced photos with watermarks with same photos without in The Gay Connection to Joan, Our Blushing Brides, Photo Gallery 2, and Photo Gallery 4.


Added new photo to Chained.


Gulp!  Started Photo Gallery 8.


August 8, 2007


Finally finished Photo Gallery 7.


August 6, 2007


Edits to last paragraph of My Way of Life book review.


August 3, 2007


Today Turners Classic Movies devotes the WHOLE DAY to Joan!!  Rock on!


August 2, 2007


Replaced header photo in Daisy Kenyon with the same photo sans watermark.  (Eventually I will replace all photos with watermarks currently on the site with watermark-free photos.)


Added new photo and irreverent text to The Story of Esther Costello.


August 1, 2007


Added photo to They All Kissed the Bride and enlarged and rearranged other photos!


July 31, 2007


Added photo to Our Dancing Daughters.


July 30, 2007


Added new review for "And One Was Loyal" to Television Acting.


July 29, 2007


Added one new photo to Goodbye, My Fancy (top one) and eliminated an older one.


Added beautiful color lobby card to Dance, Fools Dance and eliminated tiny black and white photo.


July 28, 2007


Enlarged portrait in A Portrait of Joan essay.


Added new photo to Across from Singapore.


July 27, 2007


Added review for "One Must Die" to Television Acting.  Joan as twins! Check it out!  Did some pruning to reviews for "Rebel Ranger," "One Must Die" (already), "Journey to the Unknown," and "Nightmare" in same category.


July 26, 2007


Replaced one of the photos in Portrait of Joan essay with a larger one, sans watermark.  (My ideal is to eventually replace all photos with watermarks).  Also continue to add to Photo Gallery 7.


Added gorgeous up-close inset of Joan (making it number 7, above my self-imposed limit) to photos in Humoresque.

July 25, 2007


Added review for "Strange Witness" to Television Acting and made a few additions and corrections to "Because I Love Him" in same category.


Made some edits to last paragraph of "A Portrait of Joan" in Book Reviews.


July 24, 2007


Added reviews for "Because I Love Him" and "The Road to Edinburgh" to Television Acting.


July 23, 2007


Added photo to Female on the Beach.


July 19, 2007


Hold onto your hats!  I've started Photo Gallery 7!  This girl can't help it!  


July 14, 2007


Added more of book review for "Pretty Sadie McKee" to Book Reviews, along with another illustration from the original magazine.


July 13, 2007


Fixing little things as I see them.  Added publication dates for "Humoresque" and "Pretty Sadie McKee" in Book Reviews.  Fixed font in "Queen Bee" book review and made some edits to "Why Should I Cry?" book review (basis for Torch Song.)


Added new art to Hollywood Canteen.


July 12, 2007


Lightly revised "One Man's Secret" in Book Reviews (the story basis for "Possessed" 1947).


July 11, 2007


Made correction to Berserk.  Thank you, Simon!


July 10, 2007


Added great color lobby card to Berserk.  Also fixed a few glitches with Photo Gallery and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.


Made small correction to The Caretakers.


July 7, 2007


Yep, without telling anyone, I've been adding to Photo Gallery 6.  Check it out.  The second installment of "Sadie McKee" book review is coming and eventually I'll finish my "Divine Feud" book review.  Rome wasn't built in a day, darlings, and in between, I must do my nails!


June 26, 2007


Added photos for It's a Great Feeling, The Story of Esther Costello, and more to Photo Gallery 6.


June 22, 2007


Added a review for Whatever Happened to Baby Jane and more photos to Photo Gallery 6.


Corrected a plot point in Queen Bee and made some mild revisions to Berserk and Baby Jane reviews.


June 19, 2007


Added new photo to Our Modern Maidens with text!  Joan, such a sweet young thing being menaced by a brooding cad!


June 18, 2007


Added new photo to Our Modern Maidens and lots of new photos to Photo Gallery 6.  Many more to come!


June 15, 2007


Began new gallery - Photo Gallery 6 - with a red hot photo of Joan!  Wow!  Get ready for the next batch of fifty (50) fab photos of the Ultimate Star!


June 14, 2007


Added new photo to The Best of Everything.  If anyone can please help me identify the woman in the photo with Joan, I'd appreciate it!  Thank you!


Added new link to a brilliantly satirical and delightful blog "All About Margo" to the Links I Like page.  Travel with Margo through time into the Golden Age of Hollywood where our gal is up to her minks in soap suds and mirrors!


Added new review for "The Virginian" episode "Nightmare" to Television Acting.  Yep, our gal was out West again!  And what fun she is on the range!


June 12, 2007


I enlarged the photos of Joan on my Joan and Diana essay page.  (Sorry, Diana, but it is Joan's site!)  Also enlarged photos on Portrait of Joan page.


Added new photo for Daisy Kenyon (again, breaking my six-photos-per-review rule)


Added new review for "One Man's Secret," the basis for the 1947 film "Possessed" to Book Reviews page.  Check it out!


June 8, 2007


Added photo to Dancing Lady.


June 5, 2007


Changed the color photo in The Bride Wore Red to another color photo, since the original photo was an exact duplicate of a black and white version.


June 4, 2007


Added page for "Pretty Sadie McKee" by Vina Delmar to Book Reviews.  Reviews for this and The Divine Feud will be coming soon!


June 2, 2007


Added new photo to Dance, Fools, Dance.


June 1, 2007


Added new photo to I Saw What You Did.


Added new book review for "The Complete Films of Joan Crawford" to Book Reviews.


May 30, 2007


Added new "mini-review" for "Journey to the Unknown" in Television Acting.  Joan is hostess of this chiller!  Check it out!


May 29, 2007


Added a sweet candid of Joan dancing with Franchot to Love on the Run and substituted one clinch for a sexier one in Mannequin.


May 24, 2007


Added new photos (and changed around a few) to:  Autumn Leaves; Goodbye My Fancy; Possessed (47); The Shining Hour; and Susan and God.


May 22, 2007


Finished review of "A Portrait of Joan" for Book Reviews.


Broke one of my own cardinal rules of photo limits for reviews!  Added stunning new photo to Letty Lynton (sorry, Joan looked so damned gorgeous, I couldn't resist!) and great new candid photos to Above Suspicion and Johnny Guitar.


May 21, 2007


Added new review for short story "Why Should I Cry?" by I.A.R. Wylie (basis for "Torch Song") to Book Reviews.


May 20, 2007


Replaced a "Grand Hotel" photo in Photo Gallery 5 with another photo, since original photo was already on the site.  (Hey - can't keep track of all these glorious images!)  Also switched two color photos - put one from Gallery 5 into Contact Me page and vice versa.


Revised Strait-Jacket.


Added to Female on the Beach.


May 19, 2007


Made some corrections to Links page.  If your link changes, please let me know, so I can update!  Thanks!


May 18, 2007


Replaced two photos in Torch Song with beautiful, COLOR photos.


May 17, 2007


Photo Gallery 5 is finally ready.


Put up new page in Book Reviews for "A Portrait of Joan."


May 16, 2007


Added great COLOR poster to Strait-Jacket.


Added over-heated COLOR photo to Female on the Beach.


Added new COLOR photo to Ice Follies of 1939.  Completed Photo Gallery 5.


Completed book review for Within the Law.


May 14, 2007


Added new page for Within the Law (novel basis for film Paid) to Book Reviews.  Review will be forthcoming!


May 11, 2007


Revised the book review of Humoresque.


David Cerda, Joan fan, who runs Hell in a Handbag Productions (see my links), has started fab new group - The Joans!  Yep, it's Joan -- as a rock star!  See the new link!  Too much fun!  Tim Curry and Meatloaf, eat your hearts out!


Added to Photo Gallery 5.


May 10, 2007


Rest in Peace, Joan!  You are loved!


May 8, 2007


Started Photo Gallery 5.  Do the dazzling photos ever end?  Check it out!


May 3, 2007


Completed my Raging Star book review!  Check it out. 


Added lovely new close-up to No More Ladies.  It's above the last photo.


Fixed font in Dancing Lady book review.  (Those pesky fonts!)


April 30, 2007


Added genuine 1950's article dispensing housewifely advice to Harriet Craig. 


April 26, 2007


Added photo to Grand Hotel.


Added campy poster to Queen Bee plus two new photos to Possessed (1947) and replaced a photo in Strange Cargo.


Replaced a photo in This Woman is Dangerous.  The new one is fab!


Added beautiful poster to Flamingo Road.


April 25, 2007


Added several new links to Links page.


Added new photos to Above Suspicion and Chained.


Working on The Divine Feud book review and hope to have it finished by this weekend.  Will also attempt to wrap up Raging Star.


April 24, 2007


Added new photo to The Unknown.


Added great color photo to The Best of Everything.


Finished Answers page (almost) to Fun with Joan Trivia.  Added loads of photos (what else?)


April 23, 2007


Shaved questions on Fun with Joan Trivia page down to an even twelve.  Can't have anyone imploding on me.


April 19, 2007


Began new page - Fun with Joan Trivia.  Test your mettle if you dare, but don't expect to get the answers easily!  I've endeavored not to include questions that would be plot spoilers.  Give it a go!  And don't cheat. 


April 18, 2007


Added new photo to Sadie McKee and changed some picture frames.


Still working on Divine Feud book review.


April 17, 2007


Completed Photo Gallery 4.  Check it out!


Added new page to Book Reviews for The Divine Feud.  Review will be forthcoming!  Also will finish review for Raging Star!  Haven't forgotten it!  Hope to give it my full attention soon! 


April 16, 2007


Made some font corrections in Photo Gallery 2, Photo Gallery 3 and Photo Gallery 4.


Corrected some punctuation in This Woman is Dangerous.


April 15, 2007


Another Photo Gallery underway - number 4!!  Look out! 


Added review for Hollywood Canteen.  Check it out!


Added three new photos to Hollywood Canteen.


April 13, 2007


Added two fab photos - one to Above Suspicion and one to Johnny Guitar.


April 12, 2007


Added two more delicious photos to Rain.  Check it out!


Revised new book review for Our Dancing Daughters.


April 11, 2007


Finished book review for Our Dancing Daughters.


April 9, 2007


Continued work on my book review for Our Dancing Daughters.


April 5, 2007


Added great new photo to Tramp, Tramp, Tramp.


Mentioned "The Sixth Sense" is the subtitle of the "Night Gallery" episode "Dear Joan" in Television Acting.  Thanks, Simon, for pointing that out!


April 4, 2007


Started my book review for Our Dancing Daughters. Hey, hey, hey! 


April 3, 2007


Completed my book review for Dancing Lady.


Added new photo for I Live My Life.


April 2, 2007


Added great new photos for Across to Singapore and Untamed.


Began review of novel Dancing Lady for Book Reviews.


Revised review of Mannequin again.


April 1, 2007


Revised review of Mannequin.


March 31, 2007


Added beautiful new photo to Our Blushing Brides.  Check it out!


March 30, 2007


Removed two photos from The Best of Everything book review.  Added photos to book reviews of Dancing Lady; Flamingo Road; and Humoresque.


March 29, 2007


Removed word from book review of The Best of Everything.


Slight revisions to book reviews for Not Too Narrow...Not Too Deep and Humoresque.


Book cover photos will be coming for several of my book reviews.  Right now my Photo Gallery is under repair.  Stay tuned!


March 28, 2007


Added new book review for Humoresque to Book Reviews.


March 27, 2007


Added new page for book review of Dancing Lady.  This review and the other pending reviews will be forthcoming!  Stay tuned!


March 26, 2007


Added dates written to book reviews of The Best of Everything; Out of the Dark; and Not Too Narrow...Not Too Deep.


Added new book review for Not Too Narrow...Not Too Deep, basis for film "Strange Cargo."


Added new photos for Dancing Lady, Goodbye My Fancy; Ice Follies of 1939; Love on the Run; and Paid.


Completed Photo Gallery 3. 


Book reviews for Our Dancing Daughters and Joan Crawford:  The Raging Star forthcoming!  Stay tuned!


March 25, 2007


Added to Photo Gallery 3. 


March 23, 2007


HAPPBIRTHDAY, JOAN!!!!  We love you!!! 


Added new book review for Out of the Dark (basis for the film I Saw What You Did).


Still tinkering with Photo Gallery 3.


March 21, 2007


Added more photos to Photo Gallery 3.


March 20, 2007


Added new link to a site I fell madly in love with!  Check it out on Links page!  Miss Vintage!  Think pink!


Eliminated one line I had added a few days ago to Sudden Fear. 


Completed my book review of Conversations with Joan Crawford.


Added to Photo Gallery 3.  Check out all the new photos!!!


March 19, 2007


Added to Photo Gallery 3 and to book review for Conversations with Joan Crawford.


March 17, 2007


Oops, I did it again, as Britney Spears says.  But why not?  Began Photo Gallery 3 with fifty more photos of our gal to come!


Added new page to Book Reviews for Our Dancing Daughters.  Review upcoming.  Also working on completing two outstanding book reviews for Conversations with Crawford and Raging Star.  Stay tuned, folks!


March 16, 2007


Finished my book review for The Best of Everything.


Light revisions to Sudden Fear.


March 15, 2007


Added to Conversations with Crawford review.  Keep checking, folks!


Lightly edited my introduction.  As my site expands, the intro needed to be revised to include all the many facets of Crawford's life and career I'm covering here.  More to come!  Oh, much, much more!


Added new link for The Best of Everything to Book Reviews.  Review will be forthcoming.  Plan to finish reviews for three books:  Conversations with Joan Crawford; The Best of Everything; and The Raging Star.


March 14, 2007


Fixed some of the fonts in book reviews.  Added to my Conversations with Crawford review.


Added book jacket photo to Queen Bee and substituted a color lobby photo for a different black and white photo in When Ladies Meet.


March 13, 2007


Added new link for Conversations with Joan Crawford to Book Reviews.  Review will be forthcoming!


Added photo of Crawford that inspired illustration to book review of Marilyn Henry's Joan Crawford Paper Dolls.


Gave extra star to book Queen Bee.


March 12, 2007


Completed review of "Queen Bee" for Book Reviews.  May edit it yet.


Added new photo to Laughing Sinners.


Began editing and adding to review for novel "Queen Bee."  It's not soup yet! 


Will be adding a new column of Joan trivia!  Stay tuned!


March 8, 2007


Added new book review for Marilyn Henry's Joan Crawford paper dolls to Book Reviews.


March 7, 2007


Added "grandstanding," fun photo of Joan with her young co-stars to I Saw What You Did.


Working on new book review for "Queen Bee" for Book Reviews page (what else?).  Stay tuned!


March 5, 2007


Lightly revised new book review of "The Story of Esther Costello."


Added new book review for "The Story of Esther Costello" to Book Reviews.


March 4, 2007


Working on review of "The Story of Esther Costello" for Book Reviews.


February 26, 2007


Completed review of book "Mildred Pierced" by Stuart M. Kaminsky in Book Reviews.  Check it out!  Joan Crawford is a character in the mystery!


February 24, 2007


Hiatus due to family emergency.  Things on the upswing!  Worked a little more on my Grand Hotel book review!  Stay tuned, boys and girls!


Okay!  Completed Grand Hotel book review!  Revised a few times.


February 7, 2007


Revised my review of The Damned Don't Cry.


Fixed one sentence in Flamingo Road.


February 6, 2007


Revised my review of Possessed (1947).


Added new link to Lynn's Classic Movie Favorites/Joan Crawford page!


February 1, 2007


Still working on "Grand Hotel" review for Book Reviews.


January 30, 2007


Began my review of "Grand Hotel" for Book Reviews.  Stay tuned.  More is coming!  (And yes, I do promise to finish my half-started review of "Joan Crawford:  Raging Star.")


January 29, 2007


Added review for The Boob.


January 28, 2007


Revised my introduction to Photo Gallery 2.


Completed Photo Gallery 2.  All are subject to change.


January 25, 2007


More photos added to Photo Gallery 2.


January 24, 2007


Added more photos to Photo Gallery 2.  May change photos at later date; it's a work in progress.


Added artwork for "Grand Hotel" in Book Reviews.  Plan to read and review the book in February and am preparing the slot for it.  (Haven't forgotten about my half-started review for "Joan Crawford:  Raging Star."  I have a lot to say and will complete it at a later date when I can give it my full attention.  Stay tuned!)


January 23, 2007


Added more photos to Photo Gallery 2.  Still working on this, kids!  The paint's not dry yet!


Fixed one word in my newly revised review of Flamingo Road.


January 22, 2007


Revised review of Flamingo Road.


Replaced a photo of Joan with Franchot Tone and Robert Young with a better photo of same in The Bride Wore Red.  Check it out!


Added more photos to Photo Gallery 2.


Added huge lobby card to A Woman's Face.


Added new photo from "Humoresque" to Photo Gallery 2.  Stay tuned for more incredible shots of our gorgeous gal.  (And yes, even in the 30's, Joan plugged Coca Cola!  Who knew?)


January 19, 2007


In the process of adding Photo Gallery 2 with fifty (50) (count 'em!) more photos of our gal!


Fixed fonts on "Legends" book review (pesky little things!)


Added text and shuffled around links on Links I Like page.


January 18, 2007


Made small tweaks to It's a Great Feeling.


Finished my book review of Legends for Book Reviews page.


January 17, 2007


New book review for Legends in the process of being added to Book Reviews. 


Added new photo to I Live My Life.


January 16, 2007


Added new photo to Daisy Kenyon (one of Daisy and Tubby) and new photo to Flamingo Road (leggy Joan ad!)


Revised newly revised review of Across to Singapore.


January 15, 2007


Revised review of Across to Singapore.


January 12, 2007


Added new link to Adam's wonderful site offering a comprehensive list of Joan Crawford and Bette Davis film and television appearances in high quality DVD format!  Check it out!


January 11, 2007


Added beautiful color lobby card to This Modern Age.


January 10, 2007


Added new photo to It's a Great Feeling.  Hope to get a color photo of our gal from this film eventually!  As Wally Fay says in Mildred Pierce, "We live in hope!"


January 9, 2007


Finished review for Hollywood Revue of 1929.


Created new review for It's a Great Feeling.


January 8, 2007


Added producers for MGM to Master List of Films page.  Please do e-mail if you detect any errors on this page or any other on my site.  I strive for accuracy and your input is much appreciated!


Began review for Hollywood Revue of 1929.  Unfortunately, I have taken ill and was unable to continue.  Stay tuned!


December 27, 2006


Taking a little break for the holidays, kids, but please stay tuned!  I'll be back with my gal Joan and updates in 2007!


December 20, 2006


Fixed the spacing of photos in The Bride Wore Red and Humoresque.  (Honestly, I don't know what happens with formatting.  It looks fine when I set these things up, then several days later it gets funky as if the formatting gets impish on its own -- or is it those site masters in India?)


A small edit to Today We Live.


December 19, 2006


Revised my review of The Last of Mrs. Cheyney.


December 18, 2006


Itsy-witsy teeny-weeny edit to Berserk.


December 11, 2006


Added gorgeous profile shot of Joan to Grand Hotel.  (Can you ever have too many of those?)


Light tweaks to Possessed (1931).


Added larger photo to Sadie McKee.  Yes, sometimes bigger is better.


A beautiful Joan portrait (with Melvyn Douglas) was added to The Gorgeous Hussy.


December 10, 2006


Added a few new photos to Possessed (1931) and some extra text.  Revised review of same!


December 9, 2006


Added photo to This Woman is Dangerous.


December 8, 2006


Revised review for West Point.


December 7, 2006


Added review for West Point.


December 6, 2006


Added new photo to Contact Me page.


Added beautiful candid photo to West Point.  What a pretty girl Joan was!


Added lovely candid photo to Dancing Ladies.


December 5, 2006


Added beautiful color magazine cover to The Story of Esther Costello.


December 4, 2006


Revised Our Modern Maidens.


Replaced the main photo in Dance Fools Dance with one that was sans watermark.


December 1, 2006


Added new photo I love to Reunion in France.


November 30, 2006


Added photo of Carl Johnes' "Queen of the Stardust Ballroom" Pepsi cooler to my book review of Crawford:  The Last Years.


Added new candid photo to Strange Cargo.


November 29, 2006


Added addendum describing special experience to my book review of Crawford:  The Last Years.


November 28, 2006


Added new picture to Television Acting..


Added fab new picture to Humoresque.  (For the reviews, my self-imposed max for photos is six per film!)


November 27, 2006


Revision of Today We Live complete!


November 26, 2006


Began revising Today We Live, but it is still in progress.


November 22, 2006


Added link to a wonderful new Joan Crawford website!


November 21, 2006


Added three new photos to Today We Live.  (Hope to revise that review soon!)


November 18, 2006


Tweaked a few reviews:  Berserk and I Saw What You Did.


Replaced several photos in Photo Gallery.  (There are so many photos I wish I could include!  Alas!  It takes restraint.)


Added photo to A Woman's Face and added the name of Melvyn Douglas' character.


November 17, 2006


Added new review of Trog.


November 16, 2006


Added new candid photo to The Damned Don't Cry.


November 13, 2006


Added two new photos to Mannequin.


November 10, 2006


Some tweaks to my reviews in Television Acting.


November 9, 2006


Revised "Dear Joan, We're Going to Scare You to Death" review for Television Acting.


Added the 50th photo to the Photo Gallery.  This only a small taste of the endless array of fab Joan Crawford photos out there and if only I could include several hundred more!  But, alas, I have to apply the brakes some time!  Enjoy! 


Added new "on the set" photo to Flamingo Road.  Will be lightly revising this review in the near future as well.  Stay tuned.


Added terrific candid photo to HumoresqueAlso added text next to this photo!  Check it out! 


New review up for "Rebel Range" under Television Acting(Thank you to Stephanie Jones for making that collection for me!)


November 8, 2006


Added two new photos to When Ladies Meet.


November 7, 2006


Added review for "Route 66" episode to Television ActingYep, my reviews are getting longer on this page.  Thank you, Tom Lowery, wherever you are, for your generosity in giving me tapes. 


November 6, 2006


Added great new Joan photo to Photo Gallery(Joan, Uncle!  Uncle!  Too many photos, too little time unless we're as organized as she was!)


Added lengthy review of "Della" to Television Acting.


November 4, 2006


Wonder no more about those 1950's bustlines!  Even Della Street of "Perry Mason" appeared to have filed her boobs into points like No. 2 pencils.  Added a bra ad endorsed by Joan to Torch Song.  Joan, you're intrepid!


Added photo to Berserk.


November 3, 2006


Added new photo to Photo Gallery.


Added book review for Joan Crawford:  My Life in Letters.


November 1, 2006


Revised The Unknown and added photo.


Removed an adjective from Our Dancing Daughters (hey -- it was bothering me!) and replaced a photo in the Photo Gallery with a gorgeous new one (the previous photo appears elsewhere on the site).


Halloween 2006


Added new review for The Caretakers.


October 30, 2006


Revised Montana Moon.


Added great photo to Autumn Leaves.


October 27, 2006


New photo for Torch Song.


Gently revised Paid.  


Added gorgeous new photo to Our Modern Maidens.


One more tweak to the revised Untamed!


Added new book review for Joan Crawford:  Raging Star, although it is still in progress!  Stay tuned!


October 26, 2006


Added gorgeous photo to Photo Gallery page and one to Chained.


Revised Untamed.


October 25, 2006


Added "directors" and "producers" to Master List of Films.


Added photos to Susan and God and Torch Song.


October 24, 2006


Revised Sadie McKee and added new photos!


October 23, 2006


Revised This Modern Age.  Light revisions to Paid.


Replaced photo in Above Suspicion with beautiful new one.


October 22, 2006


Added new photo and replaced one for Goodbye My Fancy.


October 21, 2006


Added new page - Photo Gallery - and new photos to Master List of Films page.


October 17, 2006


New photos added temporarily to The Bride Wore Red.


Added color photo to Reunion in France.


October 16, 2006


New photos for No More LadiesSome photos were replaced.


October 13, 2006


Added new link.


Added new photo to Daisy Kenyon and corrected word.


October 12, 2006


Added new photo for Sudden Fear.


Revised Daisy Kenyon.


October 11, 2006


Added photos to Queen Bee and Master List of Films.


With the paint not even dry, made slight edits to Lady of the Night.


October 10, 2006


Slight edit to Paid.


Added new page for Lady of the Night with review and photos!


Added new photo to Twelve Miles Out.


October 9, 2006


New photo to Our Blushing Brides.


Redid my Harriet Craig page with some new and replaced photos.  New photo to Strange Cargo.


Added new mini-review to Television Acting.


Added a few more photos to Master List of Films page and to Laughing Sinners.


October 6, 2006


Added new photo to Mildred Pierce.


Added photos to Above Suspicion, The Damned Don't Cry, Harriet Craig and No More Ladies.


October 4, 2006


Added more data to Master List of Films page.


October 3, 2006


Added some beautiful new photos to Gorgeous Hussy.


Added a table to my Master List of Films page with more to come!  More Joan photos will be added!  


October 2, 2006


More revisions to Reunion in France (and I think it's a wrap!)


October 1, 2006


Revisions to Reunion in France and new photo. Tweaked Paid again.


September 30, 2006


Revised my review for PaidAlso eliminated one sentence from Love on the Run.


Added some photos to Dance Fools Dance.  All photos are subject to change.


New photo to Forsaking All Others.


September 29, 2006


Added new page Master List of Films with Selected StatsStay tuned.


Changed layout for Goodbye My Fancy page.  (Still working on layouts, folks!)


Added photo to Sadie McKee.


September 28, 2006


Revised review for Berserk.


Added gorgeous new photo to The Shining Hour and fixed spacing.


Added different photo to Flamingo Road.


Added new photo to The Gorgeous Hussy.


September 27, 2006


Revised Contact Me page and Love on the Run.


Revised The Best of Everything again.


Added new photo to Harriet Craig


September 26, 2006


Added new photo (one of my top favorites!) to Links I Like page and changed format.


Revised and added to The Best of Everything review.


Added new photos to Strange Cargo and Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.


September 25, 2006


Added new photos to Daisy Kenyon; Dance, Fools Dance; Gorgeous Hussy; and This Modern Age.  Changed photo for This Woman is Dangerous.  Light tweaks to photos for A Woman's FaceMore changes to come!


September 24, 2006


Replaced a photo in Sadie McKee with one from my own personal collection.


September 22, 2006


Added photo to Links I Like.


Added one of my favorite Joan photos to Sudden Fear!


September 21, 2006


Added review for The Bride Wore Red.


Corrected quote on About Me page.


September 20, 2006


Light edits to Goodbye, My Fancy.


Added new color photo to Torch Song.


September 19, 2006


Slight edit to Joan and Diana essay.


Added photo to Flamingo Road.


Added photo to Untamed.  (Plan to revise that review soon!)


September 18, 2006


Added review for Goodbye, My Fancy.


September 17, 2006


Light edits and fixed quoted dialogue in Strange Cargo.


September 16, 2006


Revised Montana Moon.


September 15, 2006


Added review and photos for Tramp, Tramp, Tramp.


Some revisions to Our Dancing Daughters.


September 13, 2006


Revised my review for The Gorgeous Hussy.


September 12, 2006


Revised my review for Forsaking All Others.


September 11, 2006


Fixed quoted dialogue for three reviews:  Autumn Leaves, The Best of Everything and Susan and God.


September 10, 2006


Added new book review for Sudden Fear.


Revised No More Ladies.


September 7, 2006


Did some light further tweaking to Letty Lynton and No More LadiesFixed font in A Portrait of Joan essay.  I will be revising and refining the reviews from the 20's and 30's as time permits, so hold onto your hats!


Further light edits to:  Autumn Leaves; Chained; Dance, Fools Dance; Flamingo Road; Harriet Craig (extra text near photo); Ice Follies of 1939; I Live My Life; Laughing Sinners; Our Blushing Brides; and Possessed (1947).


Added photo to The Damned Don't CryPicture caption added and edit to:  I Saw What You Did.


Fixed dialogue in Female on the Beach.


September 6, 2006


Added review for I Saw What You Did.


Added text to Television Acting page and Harriet Craig film review.  Tweaked the following reviews:  Dance, Fools Dance; Laughing Sinners; Montana Moon; Our Blushing Brides; and When Ladies Meet.


Revisions to Flamingo Road; No More Ladies; Susan and God; and They All Kissed the Bride.


Tweaked Above Suspicion and Possessed (1947) to remove possible spoilers!


September 5, 2006


Added review for No More Ladies.


Light edits to Chained.


September 4, 2006


Added link to Peter Swanson's Joan-inspired art!  Yeah, baby, yeah!  Groovy stuff!


Gentle revisions to The Best of Everything and The Story of Esther Costello.  (I'm attempting to minimize spoilers, folks, although God knows many fans, myself included, have seen the films again and again; still, let me not assume!)


September 2, 2006


Revised review for Above Suspicion.


Added a review for Our Dancing Daughters.  Light edits to:  Our Modern Maidens; Rain; Sadie McKee; and Untamed.


Revised review of A Woman's Face.


September 1, 2006


Revised review (again) for Laughing Sinners (but still ironing out a detail).


Added review in Television Acting for "Joan, We're Going to Scare You to Death."


August 31, 2006


Added book reviews for the following: Above Suspicion; Crawford:  The Last Years:  An Intimate Memoir; Jazz Baby; Joan Crawford Paper Dolls in Full Color; Joan Crawford (Pyramid Illustrated History;  Joan Crawford:  The Essential Biography; My Way of Life; and Rain.


Revised my review of the film Chained.


Added photo to Contact Me page (although not quite right yet!).


August 30, 2006


Added a review for The Shining Hour.


August 28, 2006


Rewrote my film review of Mildred Pierce and added a new page for Book Reviews with three book reviews (Daisy Kenyon; Flamingo Road; and Mildred Pierce). 


August 23, 2006


Well, for one thing, this site is new!  If you haven't read the reviews before, everything is new for you!  Basically, I will be editing and revising reviews written at an earlier date if it seems in order and adding new ones.  Reviews that have been revised include:  Autumn Leaves; Flamingo Road; Laughing Sinners; Love on the Run; Torch Song; and others. 


Added a new review for When Ladies Meet and a new page for Joan’s television work.  Added photos for Our Dancing Daughters and the Contact Me page and corrected a photo caption on the Whatever Happened to Baby Jane page. (Thank you, Greek!)